Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Valentine

Emma Claire was so excited a few weeks ago when we were at Target and she saw a Valentines Card for a Daddy which had pigs!!! It was a match made in her eyes.  She insisted on this pig card for Daddy.  We purchased and put it in my night stand drawer awaiting Valentine's Day to give to Daddy.  We decorated it last night and lo behold, it was the FIRST item to take care of this AM before going to school.  She loved her card from us as well as her goodies from her Nana and Papa.  She will see her other Nana and Pa tonight and I know she will be equally excited (shhh...It's Minnie Jammies)

I went and had lunch for her Valentine's Day party (of course no pictures) and she was so excited when I got there!  We had a fun time eating and playing with her friends and teacher Ms. Gina.  She came home and conked out for her afternoon nap.

Hope everyone else has a wonderful Valentine' Day.  Matt and I do not typically celebrate holidays, but with a little one it's so much fun to work with them on crafting and making treats for each one of us.  Have a WONDERFUL day!