Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lexie Lou Necklace Party

Instead of having a traditional party, Emma Claire wanted to have a necklace party with a few of her close friends.  If you are interested in one of these, I encourage you to check her out on Facebook, Lexie Lou Designs is the name of her page. 

Emma Claire picking out her beads for her necklace

Alexis (Lexie Lou herself) and Emma Claire

Paige and Piper getting help from their mom, Steph

The girls has the best time and we all had so much fun!

Happy Birthday Sweet One

Happy 4th Birthday Emma oh my how has time flown!  You are the joy of our lives and this is what I shared on Facebook on her birthday:

It's hard to believe our 'not so little' girl is turning 4 today. She came into this world so tiny and small, but she has definitely grown up quickly. We love every minute with her and blessed to be her parents. Emma Claire is independent (i wonder where she gets that from), sweet, spunky, sassy and loving.

I still love this little blurb by a dear friend and boss about Emma Claire and her entry into this world 'Similar to her mother, little Emma Claire Warren didn't want to wait to get things started. She decided that 9 months of pregnancy was just way too long. She needed to get out in the world and win a figure skating championship by 5, finish high school by 10 and be a millionaire by 16. So out she pops (literally) about 16 weeks early. - Stan Gordon'

Thanks to everyone who has been a part of our journey and we look forward to many more years. Each one of y'all are special and have left imprints on our lives. We are truly blessed beyond measure.
January 2010

January 2014

The Elf.....

This year, EC was actually into the Elf on the Shelf this year, so off to get an elf from the North Pole we went.  After reading the story, Emma Claire named her elf, Bubbles. 

Bubbles had fun reporting to Santa and coming back and hanging out in a new spot every day.  Here are a few of our favorites.

Welcome to our home Bubbles

Gone Fishin'

Zip lining in the dining room

Making a snow angel

Bubbles last day/night before she had to go home to live with Santa at the North Pole

Last part of 4th Quarter 2013

Way behind as usual!  I decided to do one post with our fun 4th Quarter.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at our house with our family and ate way too much (don't we all!)

Before our families arrived I wanted to get a picture of Emma Claire so I could get our Christmas cards ordered in time.  After about 30 pictures we finally were able to get a couple to use on our card this year and so happy on the way it turned out.
When EC's feeling in the picture taking mood, I can actually get some decent shots of her and obviously filters on my photos ALWAYS help.

December was a busy month with our main charity event of taking 200+ kids shopping, WEE School Christmas Party, Dad's birthday and a trip to see the Rockettes.

Emma Claire at her WEE School Christmas Party
Mom and I took EC to see the Rockettes and she had a blast!  I feel this will be a tradition every year.  She gets so excited and is mesmerized the entire time!
Emma Claire and I before leaving for the Rockettes show

The next day, was Dad's birthday and of course no party can take place without party hats.  We just went to dinner and had cupcakes.  Emma Claire was most excited for everyone to put on their hats.
Even Boomer had to partake in the fun, he was so excited I tell ya!

We rounded our December with Christmas and this year Emma Claire was so much fun.  She was actually excited to see what Santa brought her, but most of all she was excited we finally were able to celebrate baby Jesus's birthday!
Our not so great attempt at a family picture on Christmas Eve at my parents house, but hey you take what you can get.
Goodies from Santa...a bike, baby doll and her favorite - the shopping buggy

Hope every one had a wonderful 2013

EC in her 'moo' hat which one of my sweet customers got for her.  She LOVES it!!!