Thursday, October 31, 2013

#TBT (Throw Back Thursday)

I do not typically participate in these types of postings, however since EC was so cute (at least we think so) in all of her Halloween costumes.....

 Fall Party at church at our little dancer in 2010
 The farmer and her pretty cute little cow in 2011
Just Horsin' Around at WEE School in 2012

WEE School Fall Party

Today was Emma Claire's fall party at WEE school and she had a blast.  A couple of weeks ago, we made a visit to Target to get treat bags and goodies for her friends as well as let her pick out her costume.  She had been telling us for weeks she wanted to be Cinderella.  This year was so much fun as she actually wanted to pick out a costume and it was so cute watching her decision making skills in action.  She saw the Cinderella costume and was ecstatic UNTIL she turned around and saw all of her most favorite Disney character costumes.  Talk about costume overload for this girl!

Once she laid her eyes on Minnie Mouse it was over.  We purchased it and hung it in the laundry room until last night.  I had her try it on and she LOVED it (actually that is the understatement of the week).  EC did not want to remove the costume, however I assured her, she would be wearing it today to her party and she could barely contain her excitement!

 I took her to school today and stayed while they trick and treated the church office and the other classes at WEE School.  She had a blast and enjoyed giving out the candy to the other kids when they came by her classroom.

 All in all, she had a good day, came home early with me from her party and has been upstairs napping.  It's exhausting being Minnie Mouse.

Her spider hat she made at school for their fall party!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

4 months....and Finally and Update

Well since I have not blogged in 4 months, I'll just start back in July and I'm giving fair warning, this is going to be a blog of mostly pics with what we have been up to.  I'm sure everyone who actually still checks us out would much rather see pics of what we have been up to versus a lengthy read.

Celebrated Christin's birthday at MayDay in the 'boro!  Always a wonderful time and friend.  I love when we get together, it seems like we pick up where we left off.  Love this lady to the moon and back!
Towards the end of July, we went to Georgia to see Chad and Madison!  EC is starting to warm up to her Uncle Chad finally and it's only taken 3 years!  She love Madison and imitates everything Madison does.  
EC loves going to the train yard to see Daddy and any chance we get, we take advantage of it.  I do believe she could watch those trains all day.
August was our annual NICU birthday party at Baptist (or whatever they have now named it....still Baptist to me).  She loved seeing every one and especially......
Cohen, her NICU buddy as well as.....
Heather, me, Larry and Jake

We rounded out August with a Glow Run....this run supported the Middle TN Autism Society and we ran in honor of two special boys who we hold near and dear to our hearts....Trice and Cameron, we love and support you two!
Mom, Emma Claire and I headed our annual User Group meeting and this year it was in Denver.  We had some free time on Saturday, so Mom and I took Emma Clarie to the local Children's Museum.  We had a nice time and ended up spending time playing at the park they had outside too.
 Tracy, Daniel, me and Emma Claire enjoying the views during our Cortex User Group Night Out at the Buffalo Bill Museum
Could not have asked for a better evening for our event.
 We rounded out September enjoying the Zoo during CSX Family Day.  It was a beautiful day and EC could not stop telling us about all of the animals see saw or wanted to see.
She loved the Flamingos!
Larry, me, Jake and Brian

 Started October with a nice 5K in White House, The 11th Annual Pumpkin run and we had a blast.
Sharon, Carrie and me

It has been nice to catch up with old friends.  We all ran a 5K two weeks prior in the rain (hence the no pic of it) and decided to run this one too.  We definitely had a blast and hopefully next year we will be lucky and win some of those fantastic raffle prizes they were giving away!
 Nothing to keep me away from kayaking...(enter sarcasm). I really thought the rain would clear off, dang weather people.   We made the best of it and kayaked almost 8 miles in 2.5 hours.  About half-way through the trip, I had taken off my rain gear since I was getting hot and it actually did stop raining to only have a rapid downpour to which my brother law likened to the scene in the movie 'The Notebook'.  Only if I could be so lucky to be in my kayak with Ryan Gosselin would that comment be appropriate.
 And Finally, we are caught up with the fun happenings of the Warren Family.  Mom and I took Emma Claire to a pumpkin farm and she had a blast.  We picked out pumpkins and EC pulled our wagon around loading them all up. 

I will promise nothing, but hopefully I can 'try' to do at least one post a month...GEEZ!

Happy Fall Y'all!!!!