Thursday, September 30, 2010


When we went to OKC back at the first of September, my Aunt Vae, got this as a gift for Emma Claire.  I love it.  It is called a Tie-Chair and it just goes over any chair.  Alyssa, we love it and all of the other things you did with the same fabric.  I feel in love with the fabric this was made out of and I cannot wait to use it more. 
Emma Claire might need to get a little bigger, but this will come in handy and it rolls up so small which is awesome. 

Hale Family Reunion

Nana and Emma Claire
On Sunday, it was Matt's grandmother (June's mother) family reunion in Tompkinsville, KY.  So after church we drove over to eat lunch and spent a few hours visiting with his family.  There was a good turnout and I finally got to meet some of his great-aunts/uncles which I have never met.  We had a good time and definitely enjoyed ourselves.  Emma Claire was a trooper and slept the entire way over and most of the ride home.  I know she was so happy to just roll around and stretch when we got back to June's house later on that afternoon. 
Nana, Emma Claire and Daddy
Memaw, Nana and Emma Claire 
(this is Matt's grandmother and his mother)
Memaw with one of her sister's Lois
Celecia - one of Lois' daughters

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baby Food...YUMMY!

Emma Claire started rice cereal about 1 1/2 weeks ago and loved it, so I went ahead and purchased all of the 1st fruits and vegetables to start making her baby food.  I have always heard how easy it was, so I decided to go for it.  On Friday, Mom and I started the prep work for most of the food and then I finished it all up yesterday.  I ran out of ice cube trays, so I found it easier to do smaller batches, get everything frozen and then move onto the next fruit/veggie.
  Here are the finished products.  Once I froze them, I popped them out of the ice cube trays into their freezer baggies and then I just give her one 'cube' in the morning and one in the evening mixed with 1 Tbsp of rice cereal.  So far she has had sweet potatoes and green peas and loves them both.  

I just have peaches and I'm going to do avocados as well since they are classified as a 1st fruit/veggie product.  I have been using this website Wholesome Baby Food and they have some great recipes.  I did not do carrots as they are more complex due to their nitrate levels, so I just bought it off the shelf. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

8 Months Pics with Tarrah

Yesterday Tarrah took Emma Claire's 8 months pics at Moss Wright Park.  Check out her blog for a sneak peek.....Tarrah Osborne Photography

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Friday Fun

On Friday, we had a lot going on, however, Suzanne (aka Barbie) and Houston came for a visit.  I could not get a picture of all three since Houston would not sit still and was more interested in Boomer than getting a picture with EC and Barbie.  We had a wonderful time eating lunch at 5 Chefs and getting to visit for a bit.  It was so good and we loved getting to spend some time with them.  It was a BLAST!
Since mom offered to keep Emma Claire, I decided to go see Calee in Gypsy.  So after work that day, I drove down to Murfreesboro for the play and it was so much fun.  I met Christin and Calee at Chuy's and it was so good.  I cannot wait to go back and eat there again.  Gypsy was so good and Calee was AWESOME!  I ended up staying until the end of the show and everyone involved did a great job!
Christin, Calee and me after the show.  Thanks guys for a great evening and cannot wait to see y'all again.

8 Months Old

I cannot believe Emma Claire is already 8 months old!  She will be 1 before we know it!  Here are a few things Emma Claire can do and her stats:
  • Weighs approximately 12 lbs (have not had her weighed recently)
  • Length: 25 inches
  • Sitting up for a few seconds each day by herself; Will setup in her bobby for a longer amount of time
  • Pulls herself to a standing position with the help of holding onto our fingers
  • Eats 2 Tbsp of cereal twice a day and eats 140~150 ccs of milk 5 times a day
  • Puts herself to sleep sometimes and is the happiest baby on earth when she wakes up
  • Wearing size 2 diapers; 6-9 month sleepers and clothes
  • Loves for people to talk to her
  • Responds well to peoples voices she knows
  • Has met 6/8 TEIS (TN Early Intervention) goals...WAHOO!!!
  • Tries to scoot/crawl for a toy on the floor...this is not consistent, but she is working hard towards crawling
I'm sure there are a million other things, but that is all I can think of right now.
We went for a routine hip ultrasound on Friday and Dr. Kastner called me last night to let me know it was normal and they will just continue to follow it clinically. He did not anticipate any problems, but just wanted to rule out any issues early on before she was mobile.  

We had a hearing screen follow up yesterday and she passed everything on her left side.  As for her right, one part of the test was inconclusive in the very low tone, but the audiologist was not concerned and just wants to have her follow up every 6 months since she is at high risk, but they do not see any indications of any problems. 

After our Vandy appointment yesterday, we went to Baptist for a quick visit and one of the neonatologist said something that really stuck with me, he said she is 'perfect'. Well as a parent we all think our children are 'perfect' and it really got me to thinking about it all.  As I have talked with other mothers of preemies, I think we all have a definition of what is perfect in our different situations.  I know God creates all of the babies for a purpose and reason and he uses them for his glory.  We never know what the outcome of our childrens lives will be or how God will use them for his glory BUT HE creates them all 'perfect' in his image, whatever that might be.  

I know we are blessed beyond measure of our outcome with Emma Claire and there is not a day which passes which I give all of the honor, glory and praise to HIM.  There were so many IFs when she was first born, but PRAISE God, she is moving right along and HE is the reason she is 'perfect'ly created!  When being told ALL of the things we 'might' experience, I just took them in, but I knew WHO was taking care of her and our situation.  When the doctor's mention me to, let's do this and this (hip ultrasound/hearing screen) just to make sure, I never have issues with it as I know it's not in my hands to the outcome, but I am assured everything is fine by the peace and comfort God provides to me.  He knows what we can handle and will never give us more, eventhough we think it is more than we can.  All you have to do is trust in GOD to know he will be there with you each step of your way in whatever you might be facing. 
Y'all have a GREAT day!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have been waiting for this cover and I'm in love with it.  I have been in dire need for a hard cover for my iPhone since I have cracked the bottom of it, I'm sure from repeated drops.  I have soft covers, but nothing this cute.   I found them at serveral websites on line, but this seemed like the best deal and plus I received 20% off through a facebook promotion.  
This website has tons of cute stuff...check them out

Guess What EC Loves???

Yesterday we went to the pediatrician for a checkup since they want to see her pretty much once a month to just check her and her progress and we got the green light to start her on cereal and then onto baby foods.  I stopped after her appointment and picked up some cereal and then I waited for Matt to get home so we could feed her at 5 PM.  To say she loved it is an understatement! She ate the cereal like a champ.  We will feed her 2 TBSP twice a day, so bascially at her 9 AM and 5 PM feeding. 
I'm ready mom, bring on the cereal
 I know what I'm doing, I love this stuff
Yummy, now my belly is full and I'm ready to sleep

Since Emma Claire turns 8 months old, GASP, on Friday, I will wait until then to do a post about her and her stats then.

We went to my in-laws on Monday night for dinner and this is Emma Claire playing with her Pa.  She loves to be entertained and especially when people tell her how cute she is.  

Monday, September 13, 2010

OKC Trip

Well, we left for OKC on September 1st and came back hom on September 6th.  It was such a wonderful visit with family and I'm not the best picture taker and didn't get a picture of Emma Claire with everyone, so my apologies up front.  I will let the pictures speak for our fun time together.

Great-Grandma Allen and EC

This was the first time my grandmother (my mom's mother) was able to see and hold Emma Claire.  I know she really enjoyed getting to see and hold her and she was the star of the show at Victorian Estates where my grandmother lives.  When we walked in the door with Emma Claire, all of the ladies knew immediately she was Adella Allen's great-granddaughter and just wanted to see her.  I believe EC loved getting doted on and all of the attention.
After we arrived, we went to my aunt's house.  Emma Claire love her Auntie Vae and we are so happy and thankful for being able to spend time with them.  
Great-Grandma Barnicoat and Emma Claire

The next day, Thursday, my cousins from Buffalo stopped by, however, I did not get a picture of them.  It was so nice to visit with Kyndell, Devin and his wife Katherine.  I wished we could have visited longer, but I know they had to get to the ariport and other errands to do before leaving the city.

After eating lunch with Aunt Vae, we went to see my dad's mom, Grandma Barnicoat.  She was able to come about a month ago and see Emma Claire here in Nashville, but it was nice to go see her and my Uncle Gary again.  Emma Claire sat with her for so long, it was so funny.  I think she really like Grandma's soft snuggie!
Visiting with Grandma Allen at Victorian Estates.  Thursday was a big day for us!  After leaving Grandma Barnicoat's house, we went to visit and pick up Grandma Allen for dinner at my aunt's house.  
Bath Time!  This child LOVES a bath no matter where you give it to her.  We gave her sink bathes at Aunt Vae's house and she loved every minute of it and was so exhaused on Thursday she feel asleep after putting her PJs on her!
 She was so tired, but such a good girl during our entire trip!
On Friday, we went and visited Grandma Barnicoat again in the morning and then met my aunt for lunch in Yukon.  We were able to do a little shopping in downtown Yukon, which is on historic Route EC was able to get her kicks on Route 66!  
It was so nice out, we decided to take a stroll down 66, literally, to a couple of other shops.
On Saturday, Uncle Jerry (my mom's brother) and Cole (his grandson) came over in the morning. They all came in from Guymon and Woodward to visit and we hung out with them while waiting for everyone to meet us for lunch in Edmond at a tea room.  
Grandma Allen, Emma Claire and Aunt Ilomae (grandma's sister) at Inspirations Tea Room in Edmond.  All of our family on the Allen side met up and then my some of our other family was able to come too.  Aunt Ilomae, Glenda and Stacy with her two kids were able to come down and visit before the OSU game that day.
Just a few shots of everyone at lunch!  We had a huge party and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  The food was wonderful and this is definitely one of our favorite places to go eat when we come visit.  
Denver and Berkley, Stacy's kids
Berkley and Emma Claire
Berkly and Emma Claire having a conversation.  EC would just watch Berkley and try to figure her out.  She was just amazed by her!  I think Berkley liked EC too!
Sorry Jennifer for just the back of your head, but this is such a cute pic.  Emma Claire is really into y'all's conversation!
Mom, Grandma Allen, Emma Claire and me
Four generations of girls in our family on my mom's side! I know there have been four generations for a while, but none of just females so I really wanted to get a picture of all four of us together.
Calen and Emma Claire playing together.  All of the younger cousins loved playing and keeping her entertained.  I think she really missed them come Tuesday when we were back to our 'normal' routine and life!
Cole and Emma Claire.  He was fine holding her, UNTIL she slobbered on his FAV jersey and that was not tolerated!  Cole is such a mess and says the funniest things!
Ethan and Emma Claire
She would just watch him and try to figure everything out.  They also played so well together and it was nice for them to just entertain her for hours at a time.  

On Sunday, we went to visit my Aunt Debbie (my dad's sister) and her daughter Melissa and their family.  Melissa had a preemie 7 years ago and Dylan has grown up in a handsome young man.  They have a little girl Rylie who is 4 and is so precious and expecting another little girl in October.  I know Dylan and Rylie are going to be such good helpers.
Again, never took a single picture, which I was bummed about, but we had a really nice visit with them and getting to catch up.  Hopefully, they will get to come out and see us soon and we cannot wait!
Brian and Emma Claire
Our last day right before we left for the airport.  Again,  we appreciate all of the time spent with both sides of our family and enjoyed everyone's company.  We are so blessed to have such wonderful families to surround us with so much love!  We cannot wait to come back for another visit, probably in the spring after Flu and RSV season are over with.  Until then, we love y'all and cannot wait for our next visit together!
Emma Claire at Nashville International Airport.  She was such a PRO when it came to traveling and made our lives much easier in the airports and on the plane rides.  We could not have asked for a better trip.  You just never know how babies or kids will do for that matter and we were so happy with how well EC held up.  
Home Sweet Home...just waiting on daddy to pick us up and all of our luggage.  I actually think we did well with packing and we each only had 1 suitcase and EC's was the smallest...HA!
I had everything organized, so I think that helped to when going through security and knowing what had to be taken out and what could pass through and the correct order to put everything through, such as getting the carseat and stroller through first, so I could put her in it while I got everything else.  I know, I know, I'm such a nut, but it really helped keeping up with everything and making sure it had it all together.

Well, this is a long post, but just wanted to get it all into one instead of a bunch of small ones.

Ephesians 3:20  Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How Much Do I Weigh?

Since I know everyone is dying to know, Emma Claire now weighs....

11 lbs 6 ounces 

this was her weight last Tuesday.  She is on average gaining about 20~23 grams per 24 hour period.
So that means, she probably is around the weight of....

11 lbs 10~11 ounces today

Just thought everyone would love to know this tidbit of information! I know, I'm a total nerd, but I thought everyone would love to know this type of information and I don't want to withhold any from my faithful readers! 
And I thought I would leave you with another cute pic of EC
In the words of Cole Brooks (my cousin's little boy), "She's praying to GOD"

Who Loves Jelly Belly's?

We were standing around in my Aunt's kitchen Wednesday night and pulled out the container of jelly beans.  Mom and Aunt Vae love the black ones, which are typically the ones no one else likes to eat.  I picked out all of the ones that I could get to easily and they found more towards the bottom of the container, so they whipped out the trusty spoon and started to dig for them.  They are like two little girls when it comes to digging for jelly beans!
I told them, that nothing was immune from being put on the blog and this was too funny!  I should have taken a picture of what the jelly bean container looked like after everyone dug into them on Saturday, I think most of them were gone!

It was a great time and I really miss being around our family and it makes me miss them more and more each time we go home.  I was ready to get back to Matt and Boomer, but it was hard to leave yesterday. 

Here is a picture of Aunt Vae and Emma Claire shortly after we arrived in OKC on Wednesday afternoon.  I am going to do just one HUGE Family Trip Post and hopefully get that posted this week.
Emma Claire loves her Auntie Vae