Tuesday, April 2, 2013


We had a wonderful Easter weekend.  Friday Mom and Dad came up and stayed the night and we got up early to head to our church for our annual Easter egg hunt.  Emma Claire had a fun time with her friend Paige 'crafting', but when it came to the actual Easter egg hunt, that was a whole other story.  She ended up picking up a few eggs, but it was a monumental breakdown (probably from lack of sleep, no nap and getting up early) so we gathered up a few goodies and headed back home.  Emma Claire ended up taking a 5 hour nap that day and was in a much better mood for our evening at home together.  We stayed in and played, had bath time, got our Easter outfits out and organized everything we needed for church and lunch the next day.  
Paige and Emma Claire making their Easter egg crafts

On  Sunday, we headed to church and it was a wonderful service which ended with my brother-in-law, announcing his call to preach.  
 Matt, Emma Claire and I in our Easter outfits

My mom came up Sunday morning (since they go to church on Saturday night) and prepared lunch so when we all came home, it was ready.  Both of our parents, Matt's gandmother and his brother Jake all had a wonderful Easter lunch together.  

Emma Claire loved her goodies from the special friend (if you mentioned Easter bunny she would flip out).  We don't go all out and since she doesn't like or eat candy, her basket had colored goldfish and animal crackers.  She was thrilled with sticker book and bubbles.  I love how the small things in life make her the happiest.  This makes for one happy momma too!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter as well and remember the reason we can celebrate because HE gave HIS life for us.  We are so undeserving of his love and compassion, but what a great honor and privilege we have to serve HIM and to be a part of his eternal kingdom.