Sunday, October 2, 2011

OKC Trip

Well, I know, bad blogger yet again!  However I'm going to split everything up into separate blogs instead of one large post, easier for me to track.

Back at the first of September, Mom, Emma Claire and I went to OKC to visit family.  We miss them dearly and are so fortunate to be able to go back and visit.  I wish we could go back more often, may be a trip in the Spring should be on our agenda.  

 Emma Claire playing at Great Grandma Allen's
 After many photo attempts, this is the best with Emma Claire and her Great Grandma Allen
 Playing croquet with Aunt Vae and loving it I might add.  I have tried for months to get Emma Claire to play in the grass back home, I guess she just really loves the super think and plush Bermuda grass
 Great Grandma Allen, Emma Claire and Mom
 Emma Claire loves to read and especially have books read to her.  This is one of her favorite things to do and I love it.  I was such a bookworm too, at least she gets some things from me!
 Croquet attempt with Uncle John.  By the end of croquet play, Emma Claire would take a ball in each hand and just walk around the grass, definitely plays by her own rules.
 Mom and Emma Claire enjoying the "cool" Oklahoma weather
 Emma Claire, Caylen and Cole.  She had a blast playing with all of her cousins.
 Uncle Jerry and Emma Claire.  She would only get in his lap for Cheetos and Ice Cream!
 Brian wanting to be best buds with Emma Claire by bribing with Cheetos.  These guys know the way to a gals heart for sure!
On our last day with Aunt Vae.  We are so blessed with wonderful family.  We also spent some time with my Dad's family too and Emma Claire was able to spend time with her other Great Grandma Barnicoat and Uncle Mel and Aunt Debbie.  I forgot my camera, but we equally enjoyed the time with them too.  We are so blessed with wonderful family and a HUGE thanks to Aunt Vae and Uncle John for allowing us to take over their house while we in town!

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