Thursday, February 23, 2012


I've fallen off the blog train yet again...geeeezzz!

Here are some pictures from Christmas and lately.  Emma Claire is growing like a weed and I swear feel like she never stops.  At her 2 year well baby check up she was 24 lbs and just a little shy of 36 inches tall!  I'm starting to believe we need to groom this child to play in the WNBA.  Emma was also re-evaluated in February for TEIS services (TN Early Intervention) and it was bittersweet, but she is doing so well, she no longer qualified for services.  I know this is a such an amazing accomplishment, but Emma Claire really enjoyed seeing her teacher.  That pretty much sums it up, what we have been up to at the 50,000 ft view.

 Emma Claire, Nana and Papa at Opryland in December.  She absolutely loved the nights and it was a late night for us all, but she was a tropper!
Emma Claire and Cohen...they are definitely going to be life long buddies!
Christmas Eve at my parents house.  It took way to many tries to get a decent picture, but at least two of the three are looking at the camera.
 Emma Claire with her one of her many presents at my inlaws house.  She loved this Adirondack's pretty darn cute!
Emma Claire and Nana (Matt's mom) looking at the ornaments on the Christmas try.  Emma never messed with anything, she just wanted to see them and show them to everyone who would take her to the tree for a viewing.
We just had a nice soup and sandwich lunch for Emma Claire's birthday.  It was small and I loved every minute of the low-key party.  I had these cupcakes made since EC is interested obsessed with cows!  They were absolutely adorable and tasted awesome too!
Daddy, Mommy and Emma Claire on her birthday!

That about wraps it up.  I need to get some more pictures of her on her and I promise we don't dress in the same outfit all of the time, it just happened this way :)

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