Monday, July 16, 2012

Handy Helper

Well, this will probably be my last post from our current house.  We are FINALLY moving to our new home on Friday.  It is sad and happy time for me right now.  I'm excited for the move to the new house and closer to the farm which is where we are most of the time during the week, however it's bittersweet to leave our sweet neighbors.  

Every free moment I'm packing a box.  Let's just say me and the tape gun have a love/hate relationship.  I might need a support group when I have to put it away.  My house is filling up with boxes as we have already filled one trailer and hope to get everything else in the house one the last trailer.  I'll be glad to start unpacking and give our contents a new home and organizing.  Oh how I love to organize a new space.  I swear I should do that for a living, but I digress. 

That's pretty much what is encompassing our lives right now, but the bright spot as always is our spunky and wild Emma Claire.  Here are some recent pics of her.  She is quite the handy helper in everything, from feeding you at a restaurant to helping pick out boots (for my colleague which was in town this past weekend).  Thanks Carrie for your patience during your boot shopping experience!

 Emma Claire looks so serious and innocent.  Looks can be deceiving. :)
My fun and full of life filled girl.  

That is pretty much our nutty and crazy life.  Oh, as a side note, anyone else obsessed with the e-cards on Pintrest and Facebook.  I know totally out of the blue and in an unfocused way.  I just wanted to through that out there.  They are quite the stress relief to spend about 10 minutes a day reading through them.  

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  1. That sweet, serious face! Gotta love it. You are so right about moving ANY distance; we moved one block while I was seven months pregnant, after living in our little house for seven years--and it was just deadly. The only bright spot was that the power was already on in the new place, so I could sleep in an air-conditioned room each night!