Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My favorite time of YEAR!!!

I LOVE the holiday season and with Emma Claire this year she is definitely more into it, than years past.  I know she will love to open presents this year and she has been attentively watching me wrap each gift and place each one in her particular order under the tree!

We have a children's book and interactive nativity.  You put the boxes on the tree which are labeled 1-6 (it's called What God wants for Christmas) and you find each box in numerical order and then read the corresponding part of the story.  We did an abbreviated EC version as just talked about each person from each box as she brought them to me in numerical order.  She was so excited when she found in them in the correct order and opening up each present from God.  After we opened all of the boxes, she just sat and stared and would gently touch each piece and then come to Jesus and say over and over, 'Baby Jesus', it was absolutely precious!

We had family pictures made a few weeks ago to be used on our Christmas Cards and wanted to share some of the pictures.  

This week we are taking EC to see the Rockettes and I REALLY hope she will love the show.  I think she will do fine as she LOVES music and dancing.  Hopefully I will remember to get some pictures of her, as I have been so bad about picture taking lately.  We hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful holiday season!

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