Friday, January 11, 2013

December Catch Up

We started off December by going to see the Rockettes and Emma Claire loved every minute of the nearly two hour show!
The next week Emma Claire had her WEE school Christmas Party and she loved it!  I love seeing her interact with the kids in her class.  She loves going and would probably go every day if they would let her and we love her teacher Ms. Gina!  They did a $5 book exchange and all of the little ones were so excited to get their books.
Emma Claire was wanting to 'read' her book to me

We ended that week with our children's Christmas Program at church.  I didn't get any pictures of Emma Claire singing and ringing her bells, but let me tell you, she would have made the Salvation Army happy!
Santa visited all the kids and 'big' kids after our Christmas program and Emma Claire was one excited little girl this year.

Christmas Eve we spend with my parents.  After waking up and having her breakfast of champions, Cheerios, we were off to my parents to lounge around (hence the PJs) and then dinner, church and our family Christmas celebrations.

This year was a blast and Christmas morning, she was so excited to see her art easel from Santa.

After our Christmas morning celebrations, we then headed over to Matt's parents house for our Christmas brunch and fun.

We then rested and ate dinner at Matt's grandmother's house and once again, we were so blessed to have another wonderful Christmas season with our family and friends!

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