Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bubbles and Eggs and Weather OH MY

We had a wonderful weekend of spring-like weather on Friday and Saturday.  Emma Claire and I played outside Saturday until our friends came over for dinner and we have a wonderful evening of playing inside, eating and enjoying our company.  
Emma Claire enjoying the bubbles on Saturday outside

Since her WEE school is out next week for Spring Break, they had their Easter Egg hunt Tuesday at school.  I was able to go and she had a blast.  Of course, she does not eat candy, but she loved running after and capturing the eggs.  She was so happy to get eggs in her basket!  I cannot wait until our next hunt at church Easter weekend.  I know she will have a ball.
Waiting for the doors to open to the gym for her and her classmates to start running after the eggs!
Getting as many eggs as she can.  She kept telling me she wanted only eight but I'm sure y'all figured out by now it was way more than eight which wound up in her basket.
Emma Claire and her eggs after the hunt.

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