Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Custom Shoes

I love anything custom made, hence the curtains and other items in our home which my awesome mother took part it with!  I feel so accomplished when my visions come to life.  So when I came across some custom shoes on ETSY, I wanted them for Emma Claire, however I did not like the price which came with them especially for infant custom shoes to boot.  So I contacted Fussy Monkey and Crystal worked her creative magic and produced Emma Claire three pairs of custom shoes.  I LOVE them is an understatement.  Crystal was awesome and I always enjoy looking at her creative projects as well.  They always inspire me to do more and think outside the box.
 This pair and the pair below are reversible...So Cute!

I just love these and I think Emma Claire probably wears them all of the time, especially now during the Christmas Season! 

On another note, I was really  needing a Starbucks yesterday and I do not live in the vicinity of one so I was just kidding around yesterday and posted on Facebook, if anyone wanted to be nice and bring me one, I would love it, well guess who showed up with one in hand after a long day of working.....
Bonus:  He got to spend time with Emma Claire and I was able to enjoy this
Can I just say I have the best Bro In Law ever!  

I really appreciated this so much and Tuesday are my nights to work late and cover support until 7 PM CST, so Matt came home, cooked dinner, I enjoyed my Starbucks and had a wonderful home cooked meal and then spent the evening with my little sassy firecracker who keeps me laughing!  What a wonderful way to spend my late night and I'm so thankful for my wonderful family.  It's the small things in life that make me happy and I'm so blessed for those!  I hope everyone reading this takes a moment to remember those small things and always thank God for your blessings. 

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  1. How adorable!!! I love them!

    I agree that is a pretty special Brother in law!