Tuesday, December 7, 2010


The title explains our life right now!  I feel like we have so much going on and so last Saturday was a wonderful day to do NOTHING!  We stayed in all day with the exception of Matt running to the grocery store in the AM and I had a quick run to Wal-Mart in the evening.  We watched movies, football and most importantly loved on Emma Claire.  It was so cold and dreary out so it was a 'perfect' day to do this.  I told Matt I could not remember the last time we just stayed in all day.  
On Sunday we were back at our crazy life (which I would not trade for anything!).  Emma Claire and I headed to church for Sunday School and then headed down to the Bryant's for Cohen's 1st birthday party!  I cannot believe we are celebrating these babes birthdays.  Time has flown by....we had a blast and then headed back to church for our Christmas Program practice.  It definitely was a long day, but it was wonderful to be a part of such a joyous celebration.  We are so blessed to have this special family in our lives.  
Amy (Christin's SIL) with both babes and they are worn out!  
This week is equally as busy as we are preparing to take 195 kids shopping on Saturday.  I help in a children's charity called Christmas for the Children.  I'm so blessed to be part of this organization and we are doing all of our last minute and finishing touches this week to prepare for Saturday.  If you can help out a child during this season, DO IT!  It will bless your heart and that is what God wants us to do and have is a GIVING heart and spirit.  

Just wanted to check in with a little update on us!  Christmas cards have been ordered and should be in the mail soon!!! I cannot wait to see the final product!


  1. Holy Cow, that's a lot of kids! When you get a chance....I forgot to take pictures of E.C.'s shoes. I plan on doing a post on the sewing projects that I have done over the past couple of weeks. I would love a picture of her in them so that I could show off your sweet baby. A few of my friends have asked about her and I think it would be great to put a face with the name. Talk to ya soon!!

  2. Can EC get any cuter?!?!? We have been extremely busy too! The holidays do that to us don't they! That is so great about how many kids you will be helping through the charity! I always adopt 1 or 2 every year through DHS. It feels so rewarding knowing you can put a smile on a child's face on Christmas morning! Hope the rest of your week is great!