Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy 'Birth'Day Emma Claire

Wow, I cannot believe we just celebrated Emma Claire's First Birthday yesterday.  We have had a wonderful year full of so many joys with the highlight of the birth of our sweet baby girl.  We have had ups and downs, but we are so thankful for everything God has done for us.  After our 100 day stay at Big B in the NICU, we brought home a wonderful, joyful, sweet and most importantly HEALTHY baby girl!  God has blessed us this year tremendously and we are so thankful and give HIM all of the Honor, Glory and PRAISE!  We are also thankful for all of y'all who are and continue to be prayer warriors for us, our friends, old and new and family.  We have made some incredible friends this year and we are  so blessed.  We have found strengthened relationships with our existing circle of friends too and we are forever grateful to each and everyone of of y'all.  
We celebrated EC's birthday on Saturday with a small party of our close family and friends.  I took a couple of pictures and a huge thanks to my mother in law for getting most of these pics.  We had a wonderful time and really enjoyed being surrounded by those who love us and have been there for us.  
Not sure what to think of icing in her mouth!  She was so funny!
 Mommy, Daddy and Emma Claire
 EC loving the icing now
 These are the cupcakes I made with icing and snowman sugar cookies.  If you cannot tell by now, we had a winter/snowman themed party
 The party favors!  Melting snowman s'mores!  Thanks Alyson/Heather for the cute idea, they were definitely a hit among the party goers!
 Displaying the items from Emma Claire's stay in the NICU.  I could not believe how tiny her things were and they were big on her!  How far we have come!!!
 Emma Claire's primary nurses on days and nights.  These wonderful ladies took the best care of our sweet girl.  I cannot tell them how thankful I am for them.  They took care of her of when we could not be there.  There was so many other staff members, nurses, RT and doctors and we are equally as thankful for, but these three were at the front lines with Emma Claire always give us hope and loved celebrating each day of her life with us.  Let me just tell you, we ate, played and laughed our way through our NICU stay.  Thanks Barbie, Stacy and Jess!
 Jake and Emma Claire on Sunday.  We went out to eat for Jake's birthday on Sunday.  It's so neat to meet EC is born so close to both of her uncles birthday's.  My brothers is the 12th and Jake's is the 16th.
  To top off the wonderful weekend celebration, on Monday (EC's actual birthday) we meet Christin, Calee, Cohen, Barbie and Houston for a wonderful lunch at Red Robin.  It was a wonderful way to again celebrate!

Again, thanks for everyone who has impacted us this year and in our lives.  We are so thankful for each one of y'all.  We cannot wait to share our adventures this year and please continue to keep us in y'all's prayers. 
We love each and every one of y'all!!!


  1. Dear EC, OMG!!! You looked so cute for your big day! Happy belated Birthday sweet baby girl! It looked like you had a ball! I hope your 2nd year is a good as your first!

    I loved the birthday theme and NICU decorations...you did an awesome job for her big day!

  2. Sorry I'm late, but happy belated birthday to Emma Claire. Hope it was a wonderful day. I've loved following the blog this past year.-- Debbie Woolf

  3. Happy Birthday to Emma Claire! She is getting so big and even more adorable all the time. I hope she brings you as much joy for many, many years to come as she has this year.