Monday, April 18, 2011

Life + EC 15 Month Check Up

Well I guess most of y'all have figured out, we have been MIA for a bit.  Life happens, but I'm trying to do better so here goes.  
Emma Claire had her 15 month checkup last Monday.  Here are her stats:
  • ~18 lbs
  • 30 inches long
  • 17.5 head circumference
  • Cut bottom 2 teeth, 1st on 4/11 and then 2nd on 4/14
  • Eating anything and everything; feed her table foods as well as Stage 3 baby foods
  • Self feeding
  • Drinks from a Sippy Cup
  • Almost walking independently; Cruises around furniture and crawling EVERYWHERE
  • Will put herself to bed and for naps
  • Sleeps about 10 to 12 hours a night
  • Takes two 2 hour naps during the day
  • Size 3 diapers
  • Size 12 to 18 month clothes
I'm sure there are still some items I'm missing, but those are the ones I can think of right now.  The best part of our appointment on Monday was WHOLE MILK only and get this NO MORE BOTTLES!  I just took those away with no issue on Tuesday after our check-up.  Emma Claire drinks everything from her sippy cups and after a small fortune spent, we have found one she loves.   We keep a cup of water out for her during the day, but this girl loves her milk (definitely takes after her daddy).  Emma Claire is doing great and just growing like a weed.  She is definitely sassy and when you discipline her, the bottom lip comes and she becomes pouty which we nip in the bud.  She is an extremely happy baby and learns her lesson the first time (most of the time). We could not be happier with our perfect, healthy child God has blessed us with.  

All in all, Dr K was so happy with her progress and I think she picks up something new every day.  She understands commands like 'Find your paci' and such.  She is definitely saying more words and started Uh Oh this weekend.  Well, I better start on the next post for our Weekend in Rewind!!!!


  1. So excited to see a post! Glad Emma Claire's appointment went so well! She is doing so very good! Molly started walking at 15 almost 16 months too! Love when they first start! Too darn cute! Glad everything is good your way! Take care!!

  2. EC looks so big in this picture! What a big girl with her sippy cup! Love her! Cohen weighed 18 lbs 6 ounces this morning at the doctor! Love yall!