Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our Weekend

We had an action packed weekend!  Friday night Emma Claire and I stayed the night at Mom and Dad's since we had pictures early Saturday AM and by staying with Mom and Dad it put us about 35 minutes closer to our final destination.  

Pictures were stressful on me.  Emma Claire typically does a great job with pictures, but she had fallen asleep on the way and then we woke her up and immediately tried to start taking pics....let me just say, NOT A SMART IDEA on my part.  None the less, Stephanie assured me she was able to get some shots, so it made me feel better, but it was exhausting to me.  Stephanie had live chicks and baby rabbits which I thought Emma Claire would love and she did enjoy watching the little baby on that note, we will just have to wait and see!

After pictures we had lunch with the Bryant and Cox families at Chuy's in Murfreesboro, which was fabulous!  I then dropped off Mom and headed back home to get ready for our friend's wedding.

All in all we had a wonderful weekend and then this afternoon I left to go out of town for the week.  I'm sure Matt and Emma Claire will have some stories about this week alone and I'm sure more tent's will be made to.  I just love how much Matt is in LOVE with his angel, it's so sweet and warming!

 I'll leave my loyal readers with this, Emma Claire continues to do new things, but this one is hilarious.  Mom got her puzzles for her birthday and we work with her on them at night, so we got the puzzles out the other night and this is what we found her in her room doing.....
 Apparently, we didn't get the memo to use the puzzles pieces as her paci!  She will try them out until she finds the 'perfect' one.  I think it's hilarious and so now every time she spots these in her room her makes a bee line for them.
This is where they are supposed to go!

Oh well, they make her happy and I guess that is all that matters these days!  I'll probably be MIA this week since I'm out of town for work, but stay tuned for updates on what Emma Claire and her daddy stayed busy with this week.  I hope everyone else has a blessed and wonderful week too!


  1. You sound like me....picture taking is the most stressful time! I am sure your photographer got great shots! I always leave a photo shoot thinking we will be lucky to get a few good ones, but I am always surprised with many to choose from! Can't wait for you to share! :)

    That is too funny about the puzzle pieces! Silly girl!

    Have a great week Emily! Take care!

  2. Both of my kids did that with those type of puzzles;o) So cute. She is getting so big!!