Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Fun

This weekend we had a little fun.  Friday night Emma Claire stayed the night with my parents and I'm sure kept them busy that night as well as Saturday.  Since Matt had to work, my brother in law came with me and we picked up Emma Claire at my parents and headed off to the Wilson Co. Fair to meet up my my in-laws!

Emma Claire rode a couple of rides, that is about all she could ride and for those of y'all who personally know me, I have major issues with carnie rides in general so this was a big deal for me to have her ride the carousel and duck ride which just went around in a circle.  They seemed safe enough and me and my mother in law rode the carousel with her.  She loved every minute of both rides. 
Here is proof I actually rode a carnival ride.  These will be FAR and FEW between!
On Sunday, was the annual NICU birthday party.  We headed down to Baptist, saw our fave peeps and then went to dinner with our friends.  Emma Claire and Cohen were so cute and EC turned to be a happier camper once all of the crowds died down.  Not a great combination of short nap, had to be woke up and then all of the sudden a HUGE crowd of people in one HOT auditorium to boot!  We always have a blast and this year was no different.  Crazy to believe these two will be 3 in December for Cohen and January for EC.  My oh my, how time flies!
Cohen and EC giving hugs and kisses...Seeing them interact so well just melts my heart!   They are both just precious babes.

Another great weekend in the books.  They are never long enough especially when part of the weekend is spent working for a client.  But all is well in the Warren household and at least this next weekend will be longer!!! Love holiday weekends!

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  1. Hi Emma Claire
    My name is Jenna. You are a special miracle from god, a gift from above, earthly angel, and a smilen beautiful princess.

    Sounds like you had an awesome weekend. That is great that Emma Claire got to spend time with her grandparents, and uncle. That's nice she had a good time at the fair. That's awesome that she had fun at the NICU Bday party, and saw her lil buddy Cohen. Watch out mom, it's starting all ready Emma Claire has a little boyfriend. Hee hee. Im joking by the way. I think they are too cute!

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