Thursday, October 4, 2012

We Love Fall Y'all

Over the last few weeks, I've actually been home and it's been absolutely wonderful!!! I guess I'm starting to be an old person, but I love being home.  Once Mom, EC and I were back from Portland, that Saturday was my mother in laws family day with her company, Regions.  It was at the Nashville Zoo, so we headed down there and spent some time looking at the animals and enjoying the wonderful weather.  
Nana (Nannie as EC calls her) and Emma Claire checking out the Zebras
 My Daddy (as Emma Claire so affectionately refers to her daddy)  and Emma Claire.  She is a total daddy's girl!
 Happy Girl!

Last weekend, it was wonderful weather yet again, so off to the pumpkin farm we ventured.  She ha the best time pulling the cart around and picking out pumpkins. 

Emma Claire's serious face!  She was over me taking pictures, but I still love this sweet picture of her.  She is so grown up looking in this picture.  I cannot believe in January she will be 3 years old!

We hope everyone is enjoying their FALL.  I just love this time of year and when you come into my house, you definitely know as it's been decorated since September 1st and I always have a fall scented candle burning.

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