Friday, October 3, 2014

Frozen on Ice

My mom and I took Emma Claire to see Frozen on Ice and Emma Claire loved it.  She was mesmerized every minute.  I think she really loved seeing a few of the Disney princesses at the beginning and especially Mickey and Minnie!  EC sang all of the way home until she crashed about 20 minutes from the house. 
It's hard to be a princess is what EC has told me today and princesses need their rest (reason why she slept in this morning).
Love this little girl to pieces and I loved to see her excitement.  It was a special night for all of us!
Emma Claire all dressed up as 'Elsa' complete with her necklace from Lexie Lou Designs 
Of course, it's a requirement to get a wand for 'Elsa' 
Absolutely mesmerized!!!

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