Saturday, January 23, 2010

Daddy's Little Girl

Our sweet baby girl resting
Emma's new IV in her arm

Our sweet baby girl loves to lay on her belly or side. She does not like laying on her back at all!

Well all votes are in and Emma definitely looks like her Daddy! Yesterday they heard a murmur and her PDA opened up a little bit which caused them to look for a source of infection. They did a chest X-Ray and found a small place in the lower chamber of one of her lungs. She is currently getting two different anti-biotics to treat the infection. Today they changed out her tube to make sure that was not the source of the infection. They are going to send it for cultures to rule that out. The doctor's continue to be happy with her process and we just deal with each situation as they come up. We pray the infection will be cleared up by the anti-biotics and her PDA will close on it's own.

A little funny, I had been concerned about her number of bowel movements. Yesterday she had only had one the night before and nothing since. I kept checking each time I changed her diaper and the afternoon feeding she had a TREAT for us! She had a HUGE bowel movement which took three diapers to clean up! I guess she wanted to teach me a lesson.

Other than the infection, everything else is looking good. They want to get her over the infection before they try to extubate her later on next week. They were able to remove her UVC line (which could also cause an infection if left in too long) last night. They started an IV in her arm and she is doing well with it.

She is also getting 6 cc of breast milk and then later on tonight they are going to raise it to 7 cc. She gets feed every 3 hours, so she is tolerating those feedings and they want to continue to increase her feedings and wean her completely off the TPN. Tonight they turned her TPN down 1 cc an hour.

Again, we cannot express the thankfulness for all of the prayers and thoughts everyone has been lifting up. We are truly blessed by our families and friends. We know she is in God's hands and in his care. He has placed specific nurses and doctors in her path and those thoughts just overwhelm me at times.

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  1. Thanks for the update! Sill praying for all of you!