Thursday, January 21, 2010

Emma Claire's Debut

Emma Claire Warren, 1 lb 7 oz 13 inches long, born at 3:51 AM on 1/17/10

Emma Claire decided to make her grand appearance 15 weeks early. On Tuesday, I went to the doctor's office to be checked and make sure I was not having contractions. Everything checked out good and I took it easy the rest of the day. On Wednesday, I was feeling more 'growing pains' and that night they were getting unbearable. Matt and I went to the hospital and I was admitted and put on a monitor. I had already dilated to 2 cm and they gave me magnesium to stop the constractions as well as other medication. That did the trick, however, they wanted to keep me in the hospital on bed rest. I spent the remainder of Thursday and Friday (1/14 and 1/15) in Labor and Delivery. On Saturday, everything was looking good and the high risk OB and my OB decided to move me to antepartum to stay until Emma was born. I was moved Saturday afternoon and late Saturday night, Sunday morning, I started having contractions again, but they were not as hard as the ones I was having on Wednesday, but I could tell, they were harder than what I had been having.
I got up to go to the restroom on early Sunday morning and my water broke while in the bathroom and Emma was born a few minutes later. The nurses called the NICU team and they were there before the hospitalist who delivered Emma. She was footling breech, but she was not in distress at all during the delivery and I had to push twice and she was out. I heard her cry and she had a good color for being born so early. Her APGAR scores were really good as well. (6 then 8 at 5 minutes)
Matt went down with the NICU Team and Emma and I had a few issues with my placenta so I was moved back down to Labor and Delivery until that could be resolved. I was down there most of Sunday and then Sunday evening, I went and saw my sweet baby girl in the NICU and then headed back to my room for some rest.
Both sets of grandparents went back and forth to see Emma Claire on Sunday and she was holding her own. God is GREAT!

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