Saturday, January 30, 2010


Emma loves to try and get her fingers in her mouth to suck on them. Today they gave her a 'binky' to suck on. I think the 'binky' is as big as she is.

Matt and I were able to spend Friday with Emma since he was off. She will finish her last dose of Neoprofen tonight and will finsh her last round of antibiotics tomorrow evening. She is still 650 grams and they are not going to increase her feedings until they can confirm the PDA is closed. The doctor listened today and said the murmur does not sound as bad, so she is thinking the PDA is closing off with this round of the medicine. They will continue to monitor this and will probably do another ECHO next week to look at the PDA and decide if she needs another round of Neoprofen. Emma continues to get her breathing treatments every 12 hours and those help with her mucous secretions. The RT (respiratory therapist) noted her mucous was not yellow/green so that is a good sign for the infection clearing up.

Emma contines to have wet and poopy diapers and her bowel sounds continue to be good. The doctor's are happy with her clinically and again she just needs to continue to grow and have her lungs develop.

My milk supply tends to be better when I am not at the hospital. They have told me of a couple of meds that I can be on, but they don't want to give those to me yet as they can have side effects which can affect Emma. Matt and I am going to try a different schedule this week to keep me at home more resting and pumping in a less stressful environment so please continue to pray for us in that area.

Again, we continue to thank everyone across the country who is praying for us. God has been so good to us and we are continually amazed by our little one. I cannot wait until I can get in there and hold her.


  1. Praise the Lord. Im glad she is doing better. We will keep her and your family in our prayers.
    Rhonda Groves-Soechting

  2. Emily-thank you so much for keeping us updated on Emma's progress. Your faith is inspirational to all of us and we will continue to pray for all of you during this time. We can't wait to meet little Emma Claire! Love, Terri Downey

  3. Hi Emily, My thoughts and prayers are with you, baby Emma and your husband. My nephew was born 12 weeks premature and spent about 2 months in the NICU. Now he is a happy, healthy 12 year old! Love the bow and thank God for wet, poopy diapers! Much love to you all, Diane Miller in Virginia

  4. Emily, Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate the updates on Ms. Emma Claire. Keeping you and Matt and Emma Claire in our prayers. Sending love and hugs to all!
    Wilma Brooks

  5. That pacie is so big. Tell her that Nay Nay can't wait to make her some bows for that sweet little head of hers. Me and my girls are sending her kisses, hugs, and prayers.
    Renee Greene