Tuesday, August 17, 2010

7 Year Anniversary

Yesterday was our 7 year anniversary!  Nana (matt's mom) came over and watched Emma Claire and we went out to eat.  It is so nice when we can just have a meal just us sometimes.  We love having Emma Claire with us, but it is also nice to just getaway for a bit too!
Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband.  It has been wonderful and I look forward to seeing what our future holds.  Emma Claire and I are so blessed to have you in our lives and we give GOD all the honor, glory and praise for you being in our lives.   We are so blessed!
Her and nana having some fun.  
Matt's mom sings beautifully and EC loves to listen to her.  It is like it mezmorizes her and just keeps her attention for so long.  May be nana will get a singing buddy in Emma Claire and they can sing together at church. 
 Nana and Emma Claire having a little chat
Emma Claire loves spending time with her Nana

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  1. Happy belated Anniversary! So glad to hear you and DH got out to celebrate! Wishing you many more!

    Very sweet pics of EC and her Nana.