Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hanging Out

Nothing really going on right now, just wanted to update with some cute pictures of Emma Claire.  She is changing and growing each day.  She LOVES to be on her changing table and it seems that is the best place to get pictures of her.
We try to work with her everyday for about 20 minutes or as much as she will tolerate on grabbing toys and sitting up which are our two main goals right now.  She is really looking at the toys and trying to figure out how to get them.  It's funny to watch her process what she WANTS to do!
As you can see, she loves to be clothes-free!
Finally got her PJs on her
EC is doing so well pulling up while holding onto our fingers and then will sit up for a bit.  I can really tell she is improving in this area and I know she will be sitting up on her own soon!

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  1. OMG! She is too sweet! It looks like and sounds like She is progressing wonderfully! That is awesome! I am sure she keeps u in a state of amazement. It makes me want to sing the pull-up jingle " i'm a big kid now!"
    I am so happy for you guys!