Tuesday, August 17, 2010

NICU Reunion

Stacy with Emma Claire....Barbie, Dixie, J Allen & Stochia, we missed getting to see you guys as well as so many others!

Sunday was the NICU Birthday party and we had a BLAST!  It was nice to see everyone without having to be really rushed.  We have been on several visits back to the NICU since we have been discharged, but we typically don't get to see everyone so this made it really nice.

Emma Claire was such a trooper, after going to church, coming home for a short bit, dropping Boomer off at Mom and Dad's and then going to the NICU party...she slept most of the time after being completely stimulated by all of the people there!  To top it off, we stopped back by Mom and Dad's for some dinner and then finally hit the sack last nigth around 9:30...EC was WORN out!  She would have slept past 6 AM this morning!

Dr. Graham with Emma Claire

I am always thinking about the ones we were in the unit with that we have not been able to keep in contact with and it was so nice to see those families as well!  Of course, the Bryants were there to and that is always a party AND we all were the last ones to leave the party at 5 PM yesterday (the party actually ended at 4 PM, if that tells you anything!)
 Me and Cohen...what a CUTE outfit, Cohen!  I'm so proud of your mother!

I'm always kidding Christin about not putting Cohen in outfits...she made up for it today, he was dressed so cute! I just like to give Christin grief about it, his onsies he wears are too cute as well!
Dr. Papp, Dr. Kreuger, Dr. Haynes (holding EC), Dr. Graham, Dr. Rojas and Dr. Fish

There are no words to say about how we feel about this group of doctors.  They are the BEST in our book and we could not have survived the NICU without them.  They all treated us with such care and were always there to answer our questions or just have a chat with us throughout our time in the NICU.  We had some hard times, but they always made it so much easier and were always optimistic with everything and always provided words of encouragement for us. They are wonderful people and we are forever grateful!
Below are some fun pics of them we took during our NICU adventure!
Dr. Papp
Dr. Haynes
Dr. Graham


  1. How fun! God is so good! HIS grace shows in every one of this pictures! Both EC and Cohen looked adorable. Hope you have a great week!

  2. Thanks Andrea..YES we do serve an awesome GOD! We are so blessed (I feel like a broken record sometimes), but we are. It is awesome to see these little ones growing and maturing seeing how they came into this world so early. I especially love to see the older ones such as yours and even older...we just see God's mercy and grace in every one of them.