Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bath Time, High Chair and Cuteness OH MY!

Well, after Emma Claire being home and now eating food, I thought it was time to break out and start to use our Death Trapp, err Tripp Trapp high chair.  I hadn't ordered the infant seat for it, so I finally broke down and ordered it off since they were running a couple of specials and I could get it the same color at my chair.  I got it, installed it and EC loves it and I love not having to put the bouncy seat or Bumbo on the table or counter to feed her.  I also enjoy being able to put her in it while we are eating dinner at the table. 
Emma Claire has always enjoyed bath time and now since she is getting bigger, she really has a ball.  I really need to get her out of the infant tub, but since she is not sitting up really, well this is so much easier, but look at all of the cuteness, her wild hair and those huge baby blue eyes!  Daddy better get the bat ready to beat off those boys! 
We had some special visitors last weekend and I'm working on a post...stay tuned!


  1. Sweet and, I'm sure, just a lttle sassy! I can tell looking at those baby blues that this girl's tuned in and has a thought about everything around her.
    I love the new look of the blog, BTW; very stylish.