Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Wow, I cannot believe Thanksgiving has come and gone...this year has flown by and now onto Christmas and Emma Claire's first birthday!  We do have so much to be thankful for and we are beyond blessed.  I'm thankful for our families and especially a sweet little girl I hold in my arms daily. 

This year on Thanksgiving we went to Matt's parents house (of course in typical Emily fashion, I got out of the house with everything but the camera) and had a wonderful meal and time with family and friends.  I just love getting together with everyone and enjoying time spent relaxing and moving slow and not having to worry how many places we have to be and rush around.  It was a wonderful time spent together.
Since we were leaving for Ellijay, GA the next morning, we all had to get home to get packed up and ready for the car ride the next day.  Again, I was not very prepared for some reason (completely unlike me) and nothing of Emma Claire's was packed, so Mom and I spent the next couple of hours getting her stuff packed and of course it had to be organized before it was packed. 

We got up on Friday and headed down to Chad and Jenn's house in Alpharetta, GA.  We met up there and then headed up to her Dad's cabin in Ellijay.  It was a curvy drive, but it was worth it as you can see in the pics below.  It is beautiful and the views are breathtaking.  We had a wonderful time and then spent most of the day on Saturday in downtown Ellijay walking around and enjoying the sites. 
Dad and Madison jumping on the trampoline
Chad and Matt having a little target practice on Friday
Dad and Madison
Mom and her Granddaughters
Madison and Chad
Jenn, Chad and Madsion
Mom and Dad (aka Nana and Papa) with their sweet Granddaughters
All of us
What a Blessed and Thankful Family we are!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful time of Thanksgiving!!

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  1. Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving too! EC is getting so big! She is adorable!