Monday, February 7, 2011

Remembering a Friend

Our sweet and beloved friend, Judith, lost her battle with cancer on January 27th.  She was loved by many and we are so blessed to have been touched by her and Michael.  JJ had battled cancer for the past 12 years and what a wonderful woman and friend.  I could sit her a write a list of things which describe Judith but I always come back to compassionate.  She was compassionate about so many things which included virtually being by our sides during our unexpected arrival of Emma Claire last year to name one of those moments.  I'll never forget hearing her sweet voice on the phone when I was admitted and her checking up on me each and every day.  The last day there, a package arrived which in it I found a prayer shawl and just not any prayer shawl, but one which was prayed over specifically for her during one of her battles with breast cancer.  I could not believe it and I just sat and cried every time I would wrap the shawl around me.  I could feel her presence during those times.  She blessed us beyond any words I could write or even tell her at the time.  During our time with Emma Claire being in the hospital Judith started to loose her vision.  We would have prayer calls and I would wrap the shawl around me and pray.  After Emma Claire came home, I mailed the shawl back to Judith as I knew she could use the blessings and comfort it provided.  

Looking back, God had opened up my eyes to so many things (yes I'm crying as I type this).  If Emma Claire had been born on her due date, Judith would have never been able to fully see her.  It was no coincidence she was born early, God ALWAYS has a plan.  I just stand in awe every time God's brings this to my mind which lately has been daily during my prayer/quiet time.  I will never understand or know why Emma Claire was born so early, but I know God used our situation for his glory and that is the only thing which does matter.  Our situation can mean different things to different people but for Judith it meant her giving her life over to Christ.  I never knew this until recently when she told me on the phone.  She said she saw us go through a great struggle and she was amazed by the amount of faith we had that Emma Claire was going to be okay, she gave her life over to Christ.  I had no words to say and still don't.  We are no means taking credit or putting ourselves up on a pedestal, but was a testimony of God's grace and power.  HE can do all things and all he asks of us is to have faith.  

God could have completely healed Judith and I fully know that, but that is not the story her wrote out for her life.  I know through all her her battles and the ones she did overcome God used those to touch people and people she may never know or met, but I know he did.   It was a sad day and I'll miss our talks together, but I rejoice in the fact she is running on the golden streets of Heaven and rejoicing with our Heavenly Father!

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