Monday, February 7, 2011

And She's Off....

I apologize for the lack of posting in the last week or so, but we are busy or I should say I'm extremely busy with work (which is not a bad thing).  Nothing new to report on our end.  Emma Claire is growing like a weed or at least I think so!  She received a walker for her birthday and she is non-stop around the house and it does not help we have all hardwoods through out our house.  I really like when I'm having a hectic day and I look up to see this beautiful, smiling, laughing face come through my door at 90 mph!
I'm sure she will be walking sooner than we think.  Matt and I actually got her to crawl forwards last night in her bedroom which is the only room in the house with carpet.  She was not fast moving, but none-the-less it was in the 'correct' direction.  She is really, really trying to pull up by herself on furniture and is actually taking a couple of steps if you hold her hands.  It still just amazes me to see how fast she is catching up and to think this time last year, she was still just under 2 lbs!  How time flies!

Tomorrow our Nurses for Newborn comes to check us out, so I'll have her statistics (weight and height), so I'll post it tomorrow for all of those which like to know.

There is nothing else with us, shocking I know.  It has been nice to just slow down at night and just spend time together as a family and not have anywhere to be.  

Oh, one more thing, our friends, the Brown's welcomed their 3rd boy (and final) boy to their family on Thursday.  I have not missed any of the other boy's births and I was not about to miss this one.  Lucas Alexander was born on 2/3/11 and weighed 8 lbs 5 ounces and 19 1/4 inches long.  We love you Brown family and Lucas is another beautiful addition to y'all's family
Here's is another pic to just confirm Emma Claire looks nothing like me
She definitely loves her daddy and she DOES have him wrapped around those tiny fingers of hers!

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  1. Molly and Luke loved the walker too! You just wait...the fun is about to start! Talk about child proofing! Enjoy the walker days while they last! ;-)

    Hope all is well! OK is getting more snow tomorrow night! :( I hope your family did O.K. this last round! Take care!