Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weekend in Ellijay

This weekend, Emma Claire and I along with Nana and Papa headed down to Alpharetta, GA.  You would think by the back end of my Tahoe loaded down, we were going away for two weeks.  I will say about 3/4 of the stuff in the back was Mom and Dad's.  Anyone who knows my mother will definitely agree with me on that statement!  

We left Friday when I got off from work at 11 AM.  After making a couple of stops we arrived in Alpharetta around 6 PM.  Chad and Dad picked up wonderful pizza and Mom and I went through my niece's clothes and picked out things Emma Claire can wear in the upcoming months.  I love shopping for free and Madison has/had a ton of clothes!!!  I got clothes all the way to 2T and then told Chad to save the entire 3T and 4T tub for me too.  I don't want EC to grow up to fast, but Madison sure has cute clothes to share and I love it!

We then loaded up AGAIN and headed up the Ellijay to spend the weekend at the cabin. 
After over the hills and down the gravel road we ended up here
My sister in law's father's cabin.  I love it here, however I don't think I can stay the night by myself, but it is out in the middle of nowhere and it is the most relaxing spot to me.  So thankful he let's us use it and I always enjoy our time here.  We missed having Jen and Matt this trip, but hopefully on the next one.

Since Madison' birthday is March 15, I decided to go ahead and give her our present early.  I found the girls matching dresses and I brought Emma Claire's because I wanted to take a picture of them together.  Madison really wanted Emma Claire to wear hers since Madison had hers on, so it was a little big on EC, but they looked absolutely adorable in them.
Since it rained most of the time we were down there, we just hung around the cabin.  I cannot tell you how wonderful it was.  Here is a few snap shots I took during our weekend.  
The last pic is one of Madison sleeping in the car and Emma Claire's hands in her hair.  Madison didn't like EC touching her or putting her hands in her hair.  So when Madison fell asleep in Emma Claire's lap, I guess Emma Claire took advantage and 'bothered' Madison, but at least Madison didn't know this time.  
All in all, it was so nice to see everyone since the last time we saw them was Thanksgiving.   Hopefully we can see them again soon!  We love you guys and thanks for sharing the cabin with us this weekend.

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