Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blog Award

I always joke that I could not win a contest if I was the only entry...HOWEVER, a sweet blogger friend gave me a blog award and I was ecstatic about it and wanted to share it with my fellow bloggers and followers.  I want to thank Andrea for this wonderful award.  I have never met her in person, yet we are joined in the NICU world and journey even though her is twice the fun!  She is also from the same area my entire family is too, which is a double bonus.  You never know how or why you meet certain people but through our journey with Emma Claire we have met some very wonderful people and I count Andrea in the same group.  Now I'm supposed to share 7 things about me...here it goes!

1. First and foremost I'm a Christian and I believe having Jesus Christ as the center of my life is the most important.  I'll never forget the day I was saved, it was Easter Sunday 1990.  It's a day I'll never forget or the beautiful blue dress I had for Easter that year!   What a wonderful day and knowing that day my name was forever written in the Lamb's Book of Life!!!

2. I love my wonderful husband.  What a Godly man and wonderful father to Emma Claire.  Words cannot express how much he means to me and what a important role he plays in our family

3. I am a self proclaimed or may be self diagnosed OCD.  I have let so much go having a little one, but there are still things that have to be done in a certain way, such as having clothes hung a particular way on a hanger and in a certain direction, towels folded and grouped together in the linen closet and I always find myself straightening up the soap bottle on the edge of the sink in the kitchen.

4. I love to chat about anything.  People who are close to me, know this for a fact!  I can talk about anything with pretty much anybody. 

5. My family and close friends are very important to me.  I don't have a ton of close friends, but the ones I do have mean the world to me.  I think it's more important to have a close family and group of friends who I consider my family too!

6. I love getting ready/packing for trips.  Just the thrill of being able to organize everything excites me...hence the OCD!

7. Love to read and especially John Grisham books.  One summer I was in a book-a-thon and after that no one ever wanted to sponsor me again per book.  They would just give me a small donation.  I have read all of the Nancy Drew series, Box Car Children and so many more.  It's a love that has grown with me and I wished I made more time for reading.  It is so wonderful and I love reading with Emma Claire every night before bed, I hope to pass this love down to her. 

Now onto my next task for this award, pass it along to 15 fellow bloggers:
1. Bryant Family - Wow, I don't even know where to start.  They will forever hold a special place in my heart.  They were our NICU buddies and Super Nanny brought us together, thanks Stacy!  Christin is someone I can pick up with and I felt like I've known her all of my life, people like that are special and I cannot imagine our lives without them in it.  I secretly think Cohen and Emma Claire will be 'special' buddies too!

2. Our Journey of Love - Another wonderful family who I've had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with.  They have a very special family and especially sweet Bennett.  He is truly another testimony to God's grace, love and mercy.  I cannot wait to get our sweet babies together. 

3. Jackson Family - Their sweet little Addie was born 2 days before Emma Claire.  It was nice to see such a sweet family every day in the NICU.  They too have such a wonderful testimony and it's amazing to watch our sweet baby girls grow and change daily.  Even though we don't see them often, we share a bond which has forever changed our lives.

4. Lugos Family - I just love this family.  Heather and Ray are so much fun and there is never a dull moment when we all get together.  I think we laugh the entire time!  Oh, and they have some pretty beautiful girls too! 

5. Lovell Family - I grew up in Arkansas with Kara.  I love seeing and reading about her family through her blog.  It really makes you feel like you are a part of their lives and I think that is awesome.  I really miss my Arkansas friends, but I'm glad with all of this technology, we can all keep in touch.

6.  The Dadds - Another family who rode the NICU roller coaster.  I've met so many different families along the way and this one is no exception.  I would email Jamie it felt like daily to see what Peyton was doing and how he was growing.  It was always interesting to me to see how babies were taken care of at different facilities and learning information.  I would see what Jaime would blog about and then I would have to/want to find out more information.  It must be the bug of always wanting to make sure Emma Claire had the best care :).  They have two handsome boys and I love keeping up with them.

7.  The Howells - Another sweet childhood friend.  I always remember having a blast at Hannah's house growing up.  They lived 'way' outside of town and it was so much fun just running and do whatever we wanted out in the country.  She and her husband Jay have a handsome fella, Brody!

8. TP's Teepee - Again, another wonderful childhood friend.  I definitely believe the bonds you make during this time hold on.  I have not seen Tracy in a long time, but I feel like I get to see what her and her husband are up to and I love it.  Every time I think of Tracy I think of softball in the summertime.  I loved this time of year, since we all played together and we always had a blast!

9.  Our Journey with Micro Preemie Twins - I've never met this family, but again, we have the common bond of micro preemies.  Daily I'm amazed by Jenn and Lances faith and trust in God.  They have overcome so much and have so many unknowns ahead of them, but the submit daily to God and what a testimony they are. 

10.  Mary Farris Meek - This is a sweet little girl with a big name like Emma Claire.  I just love girls with two names :)  + Mary Farris loves Chuck Taylors or may be Kim does...jury is still out!  We love that Mary Farris loves to pass down her shoes to us.  This sweet family was in the NICU 2 years before us, but we have come to know them from the wonderful staff which took care of our babes.  It was always an inspiration to hear about Mary Farris during our NICU time and always gave us something to look forward to. 

I'll be notifying all of these wonderful families.  I hope they have as much fun with this award as I have. 

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  1. Hi there! Thanks so much for your kind words! I feel the exact way! I think it is awesomely crazy how people can connect through their life's journey! That is how I feel about the blogs I follow who went through the NICU journey. We all know what it feels like. I agree.....without my faith in GOD I would have been a basket case! I spent every second I had free praying! It worked and gave me the strength to get through it! I am just so lucky to have found your blog! Thank you for sharing EC journey! She is a living doll!