Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Emma Claire's New Trick

Yesterday I picked up Matt from work and we went and spent a couple of hours with Emma Claire. When we got there her nurse, Stacy, presented us with the above picture! Our sweet baby girl has her eyes open now! God is so GREAT! Matt noticed her eyes coming open on Sunday, but she never got them all the way open, just a little bit. On Monday, Emma Claire was trying really really hard, but she finally got them open yesterday! When we talk to her, she opens her eyes and starts to look around. What a GREAT milestone to see her have yesterday.

I also got to hold our sweet pea for a few minutes yesterday while she had to have her bed changed out. It was within her isolete, but I still got to hold her and it was AWESOME! I cannot wait to be able to hold her outside her bed when she gets bigger and stronger.

Yesterday Emma Claire weighed 1 lb 8 oz (670 grams) and today she was up to 680 grams, almost 1 lb 9 oz. They continue to fortify my breastmilk to 28 calorie and she is getting about half of her feedings with breastmilk and the other feedings are formula.

All of her lab work came back good today and they are continuing the Neoprofen to close her PDA. We continue to believe God is going to close her PDA.

We continue to feel God's peace and comfort during this time and I am feeling much better not being there all day long. I can feel God's peace during the day that she is in GREAT hands. I am able to get through the day with his peace and comfort, PRAISE God!!


  1. Em, your strength through all of this is truly inspiring!! We know Who is control for sure!! Your sweet little girl is in my prayers every day!!! Love ya! Sharri

  2. Hey Emily, I am so happy that Miss Emma is doing so well. Danny Jo & I are keeping you both & her in our daily prayers. I think she us simply amazing & a true miracle from our Heavenly Father. I too pray the PDA will close & no surgery will be needed. Stay strong & we love you all dearly.

    Danny, Michelle & girls

  3. This little gem is strong just like her Mommy! How awesome that you were able to hold Emma. She had to love feeling Mommy's touch and is no doubt wanting more of that!!
    ~XOXO, Gerry

  4. God is GREAT! Prayers are being answered! Still here of you need ANYTHING!

  5. What a great report! God is so good. We pray for Emma Claire and all of you daily!
    Rick and Brenda

  6. Steve and Carol StormFebruary 4, 2010 at 8:19 AM

    Thank you for continuing to share your journey of family and faith. Little Emma is just amazing. I'm so glad that you got to hold her. Our thoughts and prayers are with you daily.
    God bless.
    Steve and Carol Storm

  7. Look at her sweet little peepers! So excited that you got to hold her. You're doing great, Emily.

    Continuing to lift you up.

  8. Sweet baby! So glad she is doing well and you and Matt are too! You will be home and up at all hours of the night before you know it:) You guys are in our thoughts and prayers every day!! Love ya~ Matt, Brynn & Hagan