Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Strong Girl

Diaper on the left is the one she was in when she was born and the diaper on the right is the one she is in now. Her next size up will look like an actual diaper. This is a good picture of how much she has grown in the last 5 weeks.
I wanted to do a quick update since I just got off the phone with the doctor this morning. Dr. Rojas picked up the phone as I was waiting for Emma's nurse this morning. He said about an hour and half ago, Emma pulled out her ET tube. This is the tube down her which is attached to the ventilator. Since she had pulled it part way out, they decided to go ahead and pull the tube and let her breath completely on her own today. As of right now, she is no longer connected to the ventilator, they just have her on Vapotherm which gives her oxygen. Please pray, she can stay on Vapotherm and does not have to be re-intubated and go back on the ventilator. We know everything happens in God's perfect timing and we are praying that she is able to maintain on her own.
Leading up to this from yesterday, they lowered her vent rate to 10 early yesterday afternoon, so she was doing most of the work herself and the vent was only giving her 10 breaths every minute. We continue to pray she is able to breath and her lungs are strong enough to stay open without the help of the ventilator.
Emma had a good night last night and we pray for a good day today. When they weighed her last night, she was up to 2 lbs 2 ounces which is a lot of weight gain for her at this point. Typically when she gains this much weight in a day, she might lose a little bit, but we are so happy she is gaining weight and getting bigger each and every day. Everything else is still the same and she does continue to have wet and poopy diapers.
Phil 4:13 ~ I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength


  1. Oh Emily! That is AWESOME!! I am so happy Miss Emma is doing so well! Please keep us updated, I think about your family daily and I am always asking Brandy how you all are doing.

  2. Great news!!! What a strong little girl!!!

  3. Wow, she is doing so well! I will continue to check on you guys and pray for ya'll...go Emma go!

  4. Steve and Carol StormFebruary 24, 2010 at 7:40 AM

    Watching Emma Claire grow so much stronger is such a blessing. Thanks you so much for sharing your amazing stories of faith and love with us all. Emma Claire is just amazing! God is great and your faith inspiring.
    Steve and Carol Storm

  5. This is incredibly good news! Love the diaper pics; they really help show just how much Emma has grown. Keep it up little girl!!
    ~Gerry G.