Wednesday, May 19, 2010

EC's Nursery + Fun Pics

Wow, time flies! Emma Claire turned 4 months old on Monday. She is now up to 6 lbs 4 ounces and about 19~20 inches long. She continues to get bigger each time we go to the doctor and we could not be happier.
On Tuesday, we had our first appointment at the BPD (bronchopulmonary dyplasia) clinic. BPD is a type of chronic lung disease and since we came home on O2, we have to go to this clinic at Vandy Childrens to follow up with the pulmonologist. Since EC was on oxygen more than 30 days she was diagnosed with mild chronic lung disease. Hopefully by the time she is a year old, she will have replaced most of her 'bad' lung tissue with new 'healthy' lung tissue. Everything looked great to them and they typically make no changes at the first visit. We met with them for about 2 hours and went over her entire history and also provided them with information on how well she does without the oxygen. We took her off of it for about 3~4 hours on Sunday and she did so well. EC kept up her sats in the high 90s which is what the BPD clinic will look for when they do their own testing during our next appt on June 22nd. We pray she will only need the oxygen for bedtime or not at all. There are times, her nasal cannulas come out and she does fine or I have even forgotten to turn on her oxygen when putting her to bed. So all in all, she is doing GREAT!!! Now, that I have everything completed in her nursery, I decided to take pics and post them for everyone to see. It has been a blast to get everything together for her nursery and I still have a couple of items left, but for the most part it is DONE!!!
Mom and I made her curtains and then I went into labor the Sunday after we completed and hung them. Mom's best friend Deborah came to the rescue and finished her bumpers and bed skirt and I am so grateful. It was nice to not have to worry about getting it done while Emma Claire was so fragile in the early days.

Deborah also made a cushion for Emma Claire's rocker. This rocker belonged to Matt's daddy and I repainted it green to match the green accents in her room.

This is her bed and bedding. The inside of the bumper is geometric circles and the outside is a paisley which is mostly green with different shades of pink and it is outlined in chocolate brown. The bed skirt is a stripe which has all of the same colors. I was so happy when I found the material at Hobby Lobby and it all coordinated with everything. I was not looking to paint her room pink, but since my office is already green, I went with this salmon/melon color which is in the material. Matt kept telling me how stimulated she would be all of the time, but I think it works now that everything is in the room.
This is the saying I ordered for over EC's bed, I.LOVE.IT!! I'm so glad to have it and I put it up today as soon as I received it in the mail. I think I might hang some pictures of EC under it. I have not completely decided yet, more to come....
All of Emma Claire's clothes up to 9 months. A HUGE thanks to my SIL Jenn in letting us use all of Madison's clothes. This is only a portion of them and we are so thankful to be able to use all of her clothes. She also has a dresser full of gowns and other clothes which we did not hang up. She is a BLESSED child when it comes to being dressed to the nine's all of the time!
Since our guest bathroom needed an update as well, Mom and I decided to make a new shower curtain to tie in my office and EC's room. We found a green and white material at Hobby Lobby which matched the green in my office and the green in EC's bedding material. Mom sewed the curtain together and then I made the button holes and tied green ribbon to hang it. I thought the green ribbon would make it look a little girly and then did some touches to bring in the main color in EC's room. I took a art canvas and painted it her room color and then found the coordinating letters and painted those chocolate brown and glued them on the canvas and hung it with chocolate brown ribbon. I thought it turned out really cute without looking babyish.
Mom found the melon colored towels at Macy's and they were the perfect touch to bring in a little more color. All in all I was ecstatic after we completed the bathroom.
That is everything we have been up to lately. We are just hanging out most days at the house. Sometimes we venture out, but just for small trips. It's nice to get out of the house for a little bit and enjoy this nice weather we have been having!


  1. LOVE her nursery! The salmon is nice change from all the pink that girls get swallowed in :) It's beautful and fun!

    And I can't believe she's four months already....

  2. Love the nursery! You have done a lot more since I saw it at your shower. I am so happy that she is home. We still need to do that lunch so me and Lauren can meet her!

  3. I think Emma's room looks very relaxing. Nice job Emily and crew! :o)
    ~Gerry G.