Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day

and since it was dreary we decided to do a picture overload post today! Emma Claire has adjusted well to being at home, or at least I think so. She is still on her same schedule she was when she was in the NICU which means she still eats every three hours. We are getting sleep at night since we take turns feeding her. Matt feeds her at 11 PM and then I do the 2 AM feeding since I am up pumping anyways during that time and then Matt does the 5 AM feeding. This schedule really works for us and we hope Emma Claire and continue to go longer at night in a few weeks. We will work on her schedule once we take her to her 4 month checkup in a couple of weeks.Emma Claire's great-grandmother came for a visit today. This was the first time she got to hold her and she loved every minute of it.
Sleeping with her daddy. EC loves her some daddy time, especially keeping him up after her 11 PM feeding each night. I think she just wants to play and daddy is ready to go back to bed!
Emma Claire is going to be a girl with a love of shoes, or at least mommy does. This are some shoes knitted by Ann, a lady my mom works with. They are too cute and she has a couple of hats which match her cute shoes.
Loves this blanket we received from a couple at church. Emma Claire might have come into this world a wee little one, but PRAISE GOD she is now 5 lbs 8 ounces as of Wednesday. We went to the pediatrician on Wednesday for our first visit and all went very well. We did not get to see her regular peds, but we saw one of his partners and she was very nice and took good care of us. Their office is not that busy and as soon as we walked in, they put us back in a treatment room since she is so vunerable to germs right now. I appreciated those little things so much.
Her Nana(s) loves some big bows, OH.MY.SOUL! I'm sure there will be more pictures of these to come. HaHa. Emma Claire does look pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself.
Having some Nana (Matt's mom) love time. This child is not short of some grandparent love. I am so thankful both sets of her grandparents live so close to us. It is a blessing to me to have her grow up around them.
I don't think Nana (my mom) wanted to put her down. She held her all afternoon and then most of the day on Saturday! Mom is going to watch her on Sunday's for a while so we can still go to church, so I bet Emma Claire will not get put down at all on those days! There is nothing like a Nana's love.
We continue to do well with having her home and it has been nice. We had a special visitor on Friday, Stacy (EC's primary nurse in the NICU) came up with her kiddo's. I wish I would have gotten some pictures. It was nice to just relax at the house and visit. It was a beautiful day on Friday, so we took EC outside for a bit and she loved it. I know we will have more special visits from her other nurses which took care of her and it will be so much fun to go visit them and the doctor's and other staff in the NICU in a couple of weeks!
Much love to everyone who follows us on here, we are so blessed to have so many prayer warriors during this time and we continue to pray she grows healthy and strong each and every day.
~As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD~


  1. Can't believe how much EC has grown!!! We miss all of yall and can't wait for our first playdate.

  2. I'm so glad you guys are home with sweet EC! We will see you guys soon. (Hugs)

  3. 5.5 lbs!! Woo-Hoo! Go, Emma, Go! You have just made my day, by wearing the iddle shoesies! I thought those shoes were cute, but your tiny feet make them so much cuter. Now I have to look for a pattern for the next bigger size...maybe something with a T-strap? And in bright red; every little girl needs ruby slippers:) I'll let Grandma J know. God bless, & keep on growing.

  4. Oh my goodness, she is too cute! Look at her it! I am so happy for you guys that you are now home...welcome home Emma! We are so happy for you guys :) Praying that she is off of O2 soon as well. God is so good. In Him, Jaime

  5. Baby Emma, thank you for continuing to put a smile on my face with your amazing progress updates!! You are soooo loved by so many across this nation little one! I continue to pray to God that he give a kiss and hug for you from me every day!
    ~Gerry G.

  6. Welcome home Emma Claire!!!! You are such a blessing to all of us. I am doing the HAPPY DANCE for you. Diane in VA