Monday, March 22, 2010

3 lbs + First Bath

Mommy and Daddy giving Emma Claire a BATH!!
Now that Emma Claire is over 1500 grams, we can give her soap baths every 3 days and water baths every day. It was so much fun and I think she really enjoyed her mommy and daddy giving her the bath this time. We just soaped her down in her bed and then took another washcloth with water and rinsed her. After her bath we wrapped her in a warmed blanket and she loved it.
Emma Claire getting her hair washed. She has so much hair and I cannot wait to get bows in that hair! I love how her hair looks after bath time, she a little 'Don King' look going cute!

Emma Claire wrapped up after her bath, she was worn out. Yesterday was Matt's day to hold her and she loves it when her daddy holds her. She was so alert after her bath and would just stare at Matt trying to figure it all out. She has her daddy wrapped around those fingers of hers!

Taking her 'binky'! She loves her pacifer
Last week Emma Claire received her immunizations and she had a little rough patch after getting those on Wednesday and Thursday of last week. They had to move her back up to 4 liters of flow after those shots, but this morning I think they might move her back to 3 liters since her blood gas came back really good. Apparently those shots take a toll on these little ones, but she was such a trooper through it all.
She is now getting 25 cc every 3 hours of 29 calorie breast milk. PRAISE God that Emma Claire is still getting breast milk and that HE has increased my supply to keep up with her. Nothing else has changed and we hope she will be off the Vapotherm soon and just on O2 (oxygen) from the wall which is considered low flow. We pray she continues to stay healthy and gain weight. As of this morning, she is up to 3 lbs 6 1/2 ounces.
Tomorrow she is getting her 3 week followup for her eyes. We pray that her eyes continue to mature and she will have no problems. We can tell she is really focusing better and I think she is recognizing us when we are holding her or peering at her while she is in her bed.
Our next milestone will be 1800+ grams, when she hits that, she will be able to go into an open air bed and wear clothes. We are almost there!
God continues to bless us and reveal himself to us each day. We are truly blessed and we PRAISE GOD for that!
Emma Claire sucking on her thumb. Anytime she can get it in her mouth she is a happy camper!
James 1:2 ~ Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds
Prayer Requests: Please keep Cohen, EC's boyfriend/buddy, in your prayers. He is having his repeat follow up swallow study today. The outcome of the study today will determine when he will go home. We cannot wait to get these two together and play. EC will be able to take Cohen on her tractor for rides!
Another baby from Baptist which was transported to Vandy last week is having some pooping issues. They were moved to step down last week and then ended up going over to Vandy. We pray they will be able to go home soon and make their family complete.
Please keep our best friends, the Browns in your prayers. I don't want to go into details, but they just need to be shrouded with God's Peace and Strength right now.


  1. Wow, the updates on Miss Emma keep getting better and better! Being held by Mommy and Daddy clearly is sooooo good for her. :) You are obviously aware of the blessings God is pouring out on your family, as we can tell reading your wonderful blog, but I am amazed how it is extending even further. I get huge smile and giggles when I see the pics and read the updates, and of course I have to share it with everyone I come in contact with. There are so many "Hallelujahs" going up each time. :)
    ~Hugs and Kisses, Gerry G.

  2. Yay, she is 3 lbs---woo, hoo! That is such great news and she is looking so much bigger! Keep patient and she'll be in clothes and on regular O2 before you know seems like once Peyton got on cannula and hit 3.5 to 4 lbs, everything started happening so fast which is great! I'm so glad to hear all of the good news and we'll be praying for her eye exams :) In Him, Jaime

  3. Emma Claire is looking so sweet after her bath!! I know exactly how exciting it is to get to do those little things like baths for the first time. We will be praying that Emma's eye exam goes well, and no follow ups will be needed. Getting to meet you and Matt has been so great, and we are so excited on the wonderful strides that EC has been making!!

  4. Absolutely precious! Love the pink blankie photo. Your posts always make me smile. I keep Emma claire's name in my Godbox and just love seeing how much she is growing! What a healthy girl! Thank you for your updates.