Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Two Months Old

Mommy and Emma Claire
Emma Claire sleeping her in daddy's lap
Emma Claire in her daddy's lap....she is growing so much
Daddy and Emma Claire
On Sunday, Emma Claire turned two months old! It seems like we have not been in the NICU that long and time is flying by! As of today, Emma Claire is 3 lbs 1 ounce (1408 grams) and is down to 3 liters of flow on the Vapotherm. She continues to AMAZE us each day and hopefully she will be off the Vapotherm soon. They have started to give Emma Claire her 'binky' while she eats to prepare her for a bottle feeding in the next few weeks. They want her to get used to sucking and getting her belly full at the same time. Right now, the concern is to get her off the Vapotherm, but they are hoping to start her on the bottle soon and she how she does.
She is still getting 23 cc every 3 hours of breast milk fortified to 29 calories. We love getting to hold her for a little bit each day and I think she looks forward to her mommy and daddy time. Eventhough we cannot hold her for long periods of time, it is so special the time we get to spend holding her. GOD is so GREAT!
We continue to pray that she gains weight and stays healthy. We are so thankful for everyone's thoughts and prayers and we know those prayers are being answered each day. We continue to give GOD all the praises, honor and glory for being with us each day and for everything HE does for us.
A dear friend of ours sends us little saying every couple of days and has done so since I was admitted in the hospital. I love getting them and they are such a blessing to us. These were sent to her when she was going through some things and now she has passed them onto us. I wanted to share the one we received today
~Happy Moments, praise GOD
Difficult Moments, seek GOD
Quiet Moments, worship GOD
Painful Moments, trust GOD
Every Moment, thank GOD~


  1. She is getting so much bigger! I continue to look daily for updates on Emma Claire and your family. Thanks so much for keeping us updated! She is just such a precious gift!!

  2. You and Emma both must be savoring every second that sweetie pie is being held in your arms! How awesome that Emma is continuing to grow bigger and bigger.
    Happy two month birthday little one!! :)
    ~Gerry G.

  3. It is so exciting to read each blog on little Emma. God is so good!! Emma is just a miracle! I am so glad that you and Matt are getting to hold her. What a day it will be when you get to take her home. You all make a beautiful family!!! We love you all!!