Friday, March 26, 2010

First Bottle

Emma Claire now weighs 3 lbs 9 3/4 ounces (1636 grams). She is a BIG girl! She will now suck on her 'binky' and keep it in all by herself. She makes a mad face when it comes out and she wants you to put it back in for her. She is really starting to develop her personality. I love all of her little faces and she is really starting to smile at us when we talk to her. She still loves getting her baths and we gave her another one on Wednesday. I sat her up to wash her hair and she was asleep! She must LOVE to get her hair washed!

The doctor's have decreased her calories from 29 to 27 and now Emma Claire is getting 28 cc every 3 hours of 27 calorie fortified breast milk. I have filled up both of my boxes in the freezer in the NICU and now I am starting to freeze milk here at the house. GOD is so GOOD!

Emma Claire is still on 4 liters of flow on her Vapotherm. They are probably going to lower it to 3 liters in a couple of days depending on how she is doing. They don't like to make too many changes every day for her. Emma Claire was started on Reglan on Tuesday to see if it would help her since she is having random spells of apnea and only dropping her O2 sats. We will see if the Reglan helps since this COULD be related to reflux.

Emma Claire had another eye exam on Monday and Dr. Wallace was very impressed by her eyes. He will check her again in 2 weeks for another routine eye check. She is doing so good and we could not be more proud of her!

Being held by her Daddy
Emma Claire was worn out after being held by Daddy
Emma Claire taking her first bottle from Mommy. Since she is now 34 weeks they and she has been really sucking on her 'binky' her nurses thought she was ready to start taking a bottle. Her first bottle was done at 2 AM on 3/25/10 by her primary night nurse and she did so well with it. When I called in to get an update on her I was so excited and they let me give her another bottle at her 5 PM feeding. She took both bottles under 15 minutes which was AWESOME!!! About halfway though her feeding I burped her and she has a HUGE burp. It was so funny to hear such a BIG noise from such a small girl.
Feeding Emma Claire her first bottle
We were so proud of her, she did so AWESOME! Another answered prayer. I was slightly nervous about her getting a bottle and not being ready for it. God answered our prayers and she was so good. She will not get a bottle every feeding, but they are going to try one at least once per shift and we PRAISE GOD for that accomplishment.

UPDATES: Cohen had his surgery yesterday and seems to be doing well from it. He has had a few setbacks, but we know he WILL overcome! Hopefully they will be home together in a few days as a complete family! PRAISE GOD!!

Psalm 92:1 ~ It is good to give thanks to your LORD


  1. What an AWESOME step Emma Claire is taking learning to bottle feed! We are so proud of her! Love from Cohen and us!

  2. I am so proud for you and your family! Emma Claire is moving along so well. It is amazing to see her change so much in just a week. Thanks for keeping us updated! Much love being sent your way! :)

  3. What a milestone; having her first bottle feedings! I see she is growing into her hat. I showed my niece Jessica (age 9) the picture and she thought Emma in her hat was just precious. Thank you for sharing your journey with everyone; it helps put life into perspective. I thank God that things continue to improve for Emma. You and Matt are WONDERFUL parents. Emma is very blessed to have you. Diane in VA

  4. Wow, Emily, that is so exciting that she is taking the bottles so well---yay! I'm so impressed b/c although Peyton has the coordination, he gets so tired :) We will be praying about the bradys, that they can figure out whether it's reflux or not..I'm sure it is :) She is a cutie and you guys are doing so well. Hang in there and we will both be going home very soon! In Him, Jaime Dadd