Saturday, March 6, 2010

Our Little Grower

Our little family...Matt cannot deny this child
Emma received all new tubing for her Vapotherm and a new feeding tube, so we always try to take pics of her and us when she is outside her little isolete. She has better color than I do!

Emma Claire is getting bigger each and every day. PRAISE GOD!!! She is up to 2 lbs 9 ounces (1170 grams). She is turning into a little chunkie monkey! Today they turned her down to 5 liters of flow per minute on her Vapotherm and she continues to stay down around 26 to 28 percent O2 (oxygen). Emma Claire is now getting 20 cc every 3 hours of 29 calorie breast milk. She was not having as many poopy diapers and I kept asking about that for the past day or so and then today when we got to the hospital she had a massive blowout diaper and then two more proceeded it. I guess she taught me to ask about those diapers!

I know every day God continues to give her strength and keep her healthy. Again, we cannot thank the staff enough for her care. In my opinion, they are the BEST and we know they were/are put in our path for a reason and we are so blessed to have them caring for our sweet Emma Claire!

I am still pumping and now about to move to my second box in the deep freezer at the hopsital. I would have never thought that I would start to fill up a second box or even a first box at the hospital. God continues to answer those prayers to increase my production and we are so thankful!

Emma does miss Cohen (her boyfriend), but we got to spend lunch with his parents yesterday and it was wonderful to get to see them and catch up on the happening with Cohen and their new digs at Vanderbilt. What a wonderful day it will be to have both of these sweet babes home and be able to get together outside the hospital environment! Please continue to keep them in your prayers that he will get to go home soon.

UPDATE on PDA: The pediatric cardiologist came yesterday to do a heart ultrasound (ECHO) on Emma and he said the PDA is almost closed...PRAISE GOD!!!! We continue to believe it will completely close on its own and she will not have to have surgery.

I saw this on a church sign on the way to mom and dad's the other day and I thought how fitting it is to our lives: Tell your storms how big your God is. How true this is, sometimes we let our storms take over our lives but we can always remember this and tell those storms how BIG our GOD is and he will prevail and overtake those storms!


  1. I am so excited about the 5 liters on vapotherm and the PDA getting close to closing. Those are HUGE steps and great progress. We are praying for you all and EC everyday, and we can't wait till we can see Cohen and Emma Claire play together one day! We miss you guys!

  2. Emma is getting so big! I am thanking the Lord for answered prayers about her PDA and her breathing. You are all continually in my heart and prayers.


  3. Oh, I so love seeing pictures of Emma Claire WITH her parents!! She is so lovely, and I'm sure she feels ready to transfer from the hospital to home so she can be with you all the time, receiving tons of hugs and kisses!
    Keep on growing little one! :)
    Gerry Garrison

  4. Wow, she looks so wonderful and is doing so well! Awesome news about the PDA...Peyton had the surgery and he told me to tell Emma to opt out if she can :) So glad to hear about her progress---she is just so cute! God is good...praise Jesus for his mercies that are new each day! Blessings, Jaime