Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Almost 4 Lbs

Emma Claire loves to suck on her 'fufu' as her Daddy has now nicknamed it. She is getting to be a BIG girl. She can now pretty much keep it in all on her own and when it comes out, she can be an unhappy camper!
Look at those cubby cheeks!!! Makes you want to just squeeze them!
Daddy feeding Emma Claire for the first time. She loves to take her bottle and I cannot wait until each one of her feedings is in a bottle and not down her feeding tube. We continue to give God all of the GLORY for her continued progress. As of today, she is getting two bottles per shift if she is behaving. Today she received one at 8 AM and then again at 5 PM. We are continued to be AMAZED at her progress. GOD is so GOOD!!!
Emma Claire is now getting 29 cc every three hours of 27 calorie breast milk. She continues to grow healthy and strong. She is now 3 lbs 13 ounces (1729 grams) and soon she will be in a big girl bed! I was talking with the chaplin which rounds in the NICU and it is so AMAZING to see how far we have come in our stay thus far. We KNOW GOD is in control and he continues to hear and answer our prayers. It was so hard in the beginning to see this far ahead eventhough we KNEW we would make it here. Everyday in the beginning I would come in and watch all of the other parents hold and feed their little ones and I wanted that so much, it took time, but here we are and I PRAISE GOD!!
Emma Claire loves sweet smooches from her Momma!
She is now down to 2 liters of flow on the Vapotherm and staying around 22 to 25% O2 (oxygen). She is still having wet and poopy diapers and eating very well. We have now watched all of our videos and are working our way towards the step down unit in the NICU. Once she is completely off the Vapotherm, we will get to move up there and then our next move will be HOME! It is so exciting to see how close we are to this day. It will definitely be bittersweet to leave, don't get me wrong, I cannot wait to have her home, but none-the-less it will be bittersweet. I do see frequent trips to see our buddies and I know we have some life long friends from our stay. Eventhough this is definitely not the path we would have chose, GOD has brought us through this and continues to guide us. He has put very special people in our path during this time, from the staff in the NICU to parents we have met along the journey.
Hey everyone! Can you believe how big I am getting?!?! I cannot wait to meet everyone who has been praying for me and lifting up positive thoughts.
Cohen: I miss you buddy and I cannot wait to see you and pull on your hair and give you sloppy wet kisses! Get well soon and cannot wait for our first visit together. My mommy says your are the sweetest little thing and she tells me how big and cute you are getting!
Happy Easter! He LIVES and Emma Claire is living proof of it!!!


  1. I love those chubby cheeks!!!!!!!!

  2. Prayers for you and your precious family are flying Heavenward as I type this. God bless you!

  3. What amazing progress Miss Emma has made! I love the picture of her getting a kiss from Mommy. You two had to wait too long for those precious moments. Guess you'll just have to smother her in kisses to make up for the lost time! :)
    Gerry G.