Monday, November 8, 2010

Christmas Cards...What To Do????

I love this time of year, trying to figure out the best Christmas card and design and what pictures to include.  This Christmas card will best so special since we have had such an eventful year and beyond blessed from January to now and cannot wait to see what the next years hold for our lives.  I have always wanted to do a End of Year letter summing up our year and I think this is the best year to start.  Let me know what y'all think of the cards I have selected as my top favs.  It is so hard to choose just one!  I have seriously thought about ordering a few of each type and sending them out, but I think my OCD about these types of things prevents it.  So many choices and options...WHY do they make this so hard!!!
Christmas Card Letter
Christmas Letter which I am really leaning towards, just because it's something so different than I have ever done in the past, but it's calling my name
Flat Card
 I just love this one since I can include so many different pictures in a collage format and plus I love the colors.  I am OBSESSED with these colors for Christmas!
Swirling Flat Card
Something different and definitely not typical...MAY BE????
Folded Card
Love the simplicity of this one, again, just different but I.Love.It!!!

Let me know what y'all think and I cannot wait to share with everyone what we picked out.  I cannot believe I will actually hold it a secret, but I just love this time of year and picking out a Christmas card is so exciting!

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