Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Prayer Requests

I know there are so many families either we have known for sometime or met through our journey in life.  I think I will start doing a weekly prayer requests post so if you have any please let me know, or comment and I'll add them each week.  

Each one of these families are going through similar circumstances and some are not, but I know there are so many prayer warrior among us and I just ask for y'all to lift up these families in prayer.  A couple of them have blogs, so if you want to follow them you can and I'll attach their blog information.

  • The Hayes family has been through so much in the last couple of years and I am in awe of the faith in God this family has.  They have been so beat up with health issues and yet they continue to turn everything over to God.  I am amazed by their faith and what an inspiration to us.  Right now they need prayers for their daughter, Ryan.  She has been struggling with some health problems for sometime and earlier this year, she had her eye removed to allow for fluid and pressure to be alleviated from her brain due to some cysts.  Now, she is facing blindness and her vision is getting worse.  After her scan this week, the pressure on her brain is climbing instead of decreasing.  Her team of doctors are now wanting to be a shunt in to drain the excess fluid from her brain to her stomach, however this does come with complications with surgery.  They have so many unanswered questions about this.  I pray for entire Hayes family.  Her father told me Monday, they are going to get away for Thanksgiving and spend time loving on each other and having a good time away from everything.  They will be meeting with the doctors after the holiday and we just pray for guidance for Ryan and her husband and praying God puts the right surgical team in place for this procedure.  I cannot even imagine, but I know this family has their foundation in Christ and I know God will guide them to make the right decisions.  I know, they will continue to seek Christ in everything no matter the outcome.  What an awesome testimony this family is and I'm so blessed to know them.  Ryan is in her 20s, so what decisions are made are life changing.
  • Please keep the family of Suzanne Wichtendahl in your prayers.  My aunt told me about this lady in their church in Yukon, OK.  She suffered from ALS and she was one of Emma Claire's prayer warriors.  She could not speak or type for about the last 6 to 7 months, but she was able to read Emma Claire's blog and keep her in prayer even though she was suffering at the same time.  Please pray for her family as she passed and is now with her heavenly father.  Please pray for comfort and strength for her family
  • I know the Bennett's family would continue our prayers.  They received some new from the doctor's this week, that Bennett will probably not be home for Thanksgiving, but we know our God works miracles.  Please pray as he has spent 100+ days in the NICU and his parents have three little ones at home and it's is beginning to take a toll on them driving back and forth to the NICU as well as spending time with their little ones at home.  I cannot imagine the amount of stress Adrienne and Jim are feeling, but we will lift them up in prayer.  You can follow their story at
  • Please continue to keep the Orr Family in your prayers.  Harper and Caroline are home and doing well, however Jack ended up going to Vandy and had surgery.  Again, I cannot imagine the stress of having two little ones at home and then having to go visit your third child in the hospital and being told it *might* be a while before he is home with his siblings.  God will prevail and he will heal Jack.  Please pray for them and you can follow their blog at\visit\natalieorr
  • Our friends the Krebs are needing prayers today too.  Judith is under going gamma knife this morning in Spokane, WA.  Three additional spots were found in the original excision site in the brain.  She had a PET scan last week which showed no other tumors in her body, so they are moving forward with the gamma knife today.  Please pray for strength for her and Michael as well as a quick healing for her.  You can follow her blog at
On another note, this is both a praise and prayer request.  I have asked prayer for my friend's sister and husband, Joy and Devon Williams.  Jennifer informed me yesterday they tumor is 80% gone!!!  What wonderful new to hear.  PRASE GOD!! He does hear our prayers and answers them.  Please continue to pray for the tumor to be completely gone.  Vec is also having issues with chemo when he has to take it, so pray for strength and comfort for Vec and Joy and this is taking a toll on both of them as they are having to drive to Jackson in order for him to take this. 

There are so many needs and we just lift up each one of these families in prayer today and every day.  We don't know God's will, but we know whatever the outcome HE will provide what each of the families need.  Please join me in prayer for them.

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