Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

This year, we stayed pretty low-key for the 4th. We missed going to our church cookout, but we could not keep EC out in the heat and especially outside for that amount of time.  We cannot wait to take her next year.  We went out on the lake on Saturday and Nana (Matt's mom) watched Emma Claire for us, which was so nice!  We are so blessed to have grandparents on each side so close to us and who LOVE to watch her!  

Matt and Brynn met us out there and we had a BLAST!  They have a little girl, Hagan, who was born on December 22nd and we were talking about how so much has changed in the last year and we cannot wait to take the girls out together on the boat.  They will be a blast next year on the water!  
On Sunday, I had EC in her cute little stars and stripes outfit, but I didn't get a picture...SHOCKING, I know!  I did get one in her 'comfy' outfit later on that day. She looks thrilled...it's so hard to get a good picture of her without her 'fufu'...she loves that thing!
This was after many attempts to get a cute picture of her in her outfit!  I love this outfit and I'm saddened to see it is almost to small for her!  You can tell she was upset by this point and just wanted to be left alone (at least that was Daddy's words)

Emma Claire had her first sleepover at Nana and Papa's on Sunday night since Matt and I decided to go back out on the lake Monday.  Nana said she did GREAT and she can come back anytime! 
Nana and Emma Claire minus the HUGE bow...seems like when you take the HUGE bow off of her, she becomes a HAPPY camper...she better get used to those bows...I think I had a bow for every outfit and my hair had to be just perfect...
We cannot leave out Boomer!!! Don't you just love this little pooch!  He went to the lake on Monday with us.  I think he is the only dog that HATES water!  I will have to get a pic of him in his life jacket...what a CUTIE!!!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Independance Day and we remember why we celebrate this day!  We are so thankful and gracious of our independance of so many things including our freedom and our freedom to worship. 

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  1. Hey I wanted to let you know since you love the big bows like I do that my wonderful friend and next door neighbor has learned how to make them and she just made one for Hailey that is so cute! She would be glad to take any requests and make some for Miss Emma. If you are interested let me know and I will get you in contact with her. :-)