Monday, July 12, 2010


Just a few pics for y'all to enjoy since I know how much y'all LOVE to see Emma Claire!  I know I say this a bazillion times, but she just changes every day!  

Mom and I thought she could probably sit up in the bumbo seat (thanks aunt jen and cousin madison) and here she is!  What a big girl!  I know, I know, she is missing her biggest accessory....the HUGE bow, but today is a low-key kinda day!  I think she is PRAISING Jesus everytime she lifts those hands in the air (at least that is what nana tells me)!
EC is still our little blue eyes.  Not sure where those came from....
A quick snap of her and poppy playing.  EC is definitely staying awake more during the day and I love to hear those two in her room or the living room just playing away!
We cannot leave out Boomer.  If you are in her room, he has to be there too!  What a nutty little dog, but we sure do love him too!

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