Thursday, July 15, 2010

Buddies + TEIS Update

Emma Claire's little buddies came for a visit last this week.  On Tuesday, Brendan & Ethan came by for some EC lovin' and then Kendall came down to visit (I secretly think she really wanted to see Boomer, but I got her to take a pic with EC and Boomie)
 Kendall + baby doll + EC

Ethan and Brendan want to hold her and help do things for her.  They just crack me up on everything they want 'To Do' for her.  Heather was giving her a bath and they wanted to 'help'.  EC is going to be a tough little cookie with them helping!  
Ethan and EC
Brendan tickling EC and Ethan loves her feet!

In other news, TEIS came out on Tuesday to go over her developmental results and get our goals set.  The only area she was not delayed in was eating...SHOCKING, I know!  I wonder where she gets the love of eating from! HaHa

The other areas, she actually scored in and overall only shows 40% delayed.  The compare her to babies based on her chronological age and not her adjusted age.  However, it is just a standardized test, so I took the results in stride and did not dwell on them.  They are just numbers.  Her intake person thinks it should have been less than that, and she should have scored higher in certain areas, but I digress.  I was very happy with those results and at this time, no feeding, OT or physical therapy is required for her.  We set goals for her and she has until 1 year from her first teaching session to meet those goals and we believe she will.  She changes so much each day and still AMAZES me on the things she CAN do! Starting in about 2 weeks, she will have a teacher come 1 hour a day per week and work with her and show us things we can add to our daily 'play time' as well.  I'm very excited for this and this will definitley help her move right along.  In an year, she will be re-evaulated to see where she is and we do qualify for this up until age 2 which is GREAT in my opinion.  

That's about all right now.  We go to her 6 month appointment on Tuesday so I'm eager to see what EC now weighs and how much she has grown! 

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  1. Hi Emily, here in Oklahoma we have a program called Sooner Start. Just like EC, Molly and Luke had a OT that came every 2 weeks to show Todd and I how to help them (the twins) meet their milestones. Like you I was happy we had the service offered to us so we knew what they needed to work on and how we could help them learn. At 18 months they were re-evaluated and no longer needed the service. I hope and pray the same thing happens when EC gets checked in 1 year. Andrea