Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hanging Out

Mom was off Thursday and Friday (typically she is always off on Fridays since she works 4 10 hour days) so she came up and spent the night with us on Thursday night and then watched Emma Claire on Friday.  They just played and had fun hanging out together.  Friday they just hung around the house until our nurse from Nurses for Newborns came and did her assessment.  Everything was GREAT with EC.  We are now on her 1 month schedule so she will not see Emma Claire until the end of July.  I loved it when she would come every week or every other week so I would know EC's weight, so we might have to make a quick trip to the pediatrician's office to see what she weighs next week since our next appointment with the pediatrician is not until July 20th for her 6 month checkup...WOW how time flies!

Nana and Emma Claire
EC definitely has some wild socks!  The bigger the better in our household....especially with her bows!!!
I love Emma Claire is really devloping her personality.  It seems like each day she does something new.  She laughs and smiles a TON at us and really tries to mimic us.  She loves to get kisses on her cheeks and especially under her chin!  What a happy baby and we are so thrilled! 

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