Monday, July 26, 2010

Our Weekend in Christiana

Cohen and EC in their 'matching' outfits!  I wanted to get them vintage onsies from babyGap, but they wanted to charge me a small fortune to have two shipped since they were out in the store, so I opted to get these made with their names on them, since they are like two little monkeys!

I have been looking forward to this weekend for a bit.  We talked about going down to the Bryant's to visit and the boys would go to the 'Pull of the South' in Chapel Hill.  For those who read and are unfamiliar with this, this would be a tractor pull!  
Christin and I got all of the plans done and after EC's feeding on Saturday, we headed down to Christiana.  We had a blast to put it mildly and I wished we lived closer together.  We ate at Miller's Grocery for lunch and they just hung out at the house until Saturday night.  Of couse, we had a mini-photo shoot and I hope Christin got some better pics than I did.  You can tell, they were not too happy during this time, but we just had to roll with it.  Their outfits were to cute to not get pictures off. 
Saturday night, we went to a couple of shops at the Avenue in Murfreesboro and then had dinner at Macaroni Grill.  Food was great as usual, however, our server was a 'little' off.  Everytime she would come to our table, she always had a blank stare and we were never sure if she REALLY understood what we were asking for, hence me requesting a 'half' of cup of hot water!
After eating, we came back to the house and hung out and talked & laughed until 2 AM!  So needless to say, we slept (or tried to) on Sunday morning.
Sunday, we just hung around the house and Christin had her mom, Lulu's and Ames' birthday parties.  It was so nice to get to meet some of Justin's family and Christin's mom is HILARIOUS!  We had lunch and sweets for the party and then started on our way back home in the afternoon.  It was hard to leave, but we had a wonderful time and I cannot wait for our next visit together.  I'm hoping they can come up soon and stay with us!

Thanks Bryants for your friendship and hospitatlity!  We had a WONDERFUL time and cannot wait to see y'all again!


  1. Those outfits are too sweet! Cohen and EC could be twins! They are both adorable! I am so jealous (in a good way) you guys had each other to get through the NICU stay. That is so wonderful! I am sure your families will always be close. Have a great week! :)

  2. I finally put up a post! My pics are not that great!!! They are pretty funny though-----I MISS YALL ALREADY!

  3. @Andrea: Thanks for your sweet comment and it definitely made the NICU journey so much sweeter to have found such a wonderful family to spend our time with. We are so blessed by the Bryants and it feels like we have known them for years and I cannot wait to watch our babies grow up together. I always think Cohen is so much bigger than EC, but when you get them together, they could be twins! :)

    @Christin: I thought yours turned out good too! I wish they would just cooperate with us, it would be less painful. I miss y'all too! I want to see y'all more than we do, but at least we do get to spend time together when we can and make the most of our time!