Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baby Food...YUMMY!

Emma Claire started rice cereal about 1 1/2 weeks ago and loved it, so I went ahead and purchased all of the 1st fruits and vegetables to start making her baby food.  I have always heard how easy it was, so I decided to go for it.  On Friday, Mom and I started the prep work for most of the food and then I finished it all up yesterday.  I ran out of ice cube trays, so I found it easier to do smaller batches, get everything frozen and then move onto the next fruit/veggie.
  Here are the finished products.  Once I froze them, I popped them out of the ice cube trays into their freezer baggies and then I just give her one 'cube' in the morning and one in the evening mixed with 1 Tbsp of rice cereal.  So far she has had sweet potatoes and green peas and loves them both.  

I just have peaches and I'm going to do avocados as well since they are classified as a 1st fruit/veggie product.  I have been using this website Wholesome Baby Food and they have some great recipes.  I did not do carrots as they are more complex due to their nitrate levels, so I just bought it off the shelf. 


  1. You are an awesome Mommy! Molly and Luke only had the baby food off the shelf. I bet the homemade taste so much better. So glad she is doing so well eating solids! Yeah for her!

  2. Crystal Bryant xrayeyes07 at hotmail dot comSeptember 30, 2010 at 6:22 AM

    I have been making Hailey's food from the beginning too and I love it. I also use wholesome baby food. It is so fun to make her food that you don't usually find in commercial baby food.
    Hailey is up to 2 meals a day which consisits of 2 veggie cubes and 2 fruit cubes. She is a little piggie :-) She hates cereal and always has so we stopped it and started avocado and it is still one of her favorites.
    One tip I have for you is if you are going out for the day or on vacation it is eaiser to buy jar food in my opinion. If you want you can add me on facebook or email me if you have anything you want to ask me.
    So glad EC is doing so well!