Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Who Loves Jelly Belly's?

We were standing around in my Aunt's kitchen Wednesday night and pulled out the container of jelly beans.  Mom and Aunt Vae love the black ones, which are typically the ones no one else likes to eat.  I picked out all of the ones that I could get to easily and they found more towards the bottom of the container, so they whipped out the trusty spoon and started to dig for them.  They are like two little girls when it comes to digging for jelly beans!
I told them, that nothing was immune from being put on the blog and this was too funny!  I should have taken a picture of what the jelly bean container looked like after everyone dug into them on Saturday, I think most of them were gone!

It was a great time and I really miss being around our family and it makes me miss them more and more each time we go home.  I was ready to get back to Matt and Boomer, but it was hard to leave yesterday. 

Here is a picture of Aunt Vae and Emma Claire shortly after we arrived in OKC on Wednesday afternoon.  I am going to do just one HUGE Family Trip Post and hopefully get that posted this week.
Emma Claire loves her Auntie Vae

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  1. Too funny! Time spent with family is the best!