Tuesday, June 29, 2010

BPD Clinic Update

We had our BPD (bronchopulmonary dysplasia; chronic lung disease) clinic appointment June 22nd.  It worked out really well since Heather was working a relief shift, she was able to go in early and meet me for our appointment.  It went really well and now Emma Claire has been completely off Oxygen since June 3~4.  She was ripping the cannulas off her face in the middle of the night and during the day...she's a strong little girl!  So I have been keeping the O2 off of her and just doing spot checks with our pulse-oximeter and she sats in the high 90s (95 and greater) on room air for the time we do the spot checks.  The BPD and Pediatrician's office was very happy with the information and we have one more appointment with the BPD Clinic and hopefully they will release us unless we need to come back for any reason and we PRAY we will not need to.  Most of the time EC sats around 98 or higher which is awesome and we will just continue to monitor her at home.  I need to do better and journal the times I monitor her and what her sats are to provide to her doctor's but they seem happy with everything.  As long as she is not losing weight and continues to do well, she can stay off the oxygen...PRAISE GOD!  
It was also pretty neat to see her growth curve based on her adjusted/corrected age and not her chronological age.  On her adjusted age Emma Claire is 6 weeks old and she is in the 5th percentile in the Weight-for-Age; 13th percentile for Length-for-Age; 9th percentile for Weight-for-Length; 4th percentile for Head Circumference-for-Age.  All in all, she is doing so good and it's great to see her on the curve even if it's only based on her adjusted age.  As for her chronological age, she is not too far off the curve.
We really don't have too much more going on, just starting VBS on Sunday at our church and it always makes my heart happy for this time of the summer.  I remember when I was a child I always looked forward to this time of year and especially VBS!  Please pray VBS will turn out great for HIS GLORY!

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